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Towards the end of September 1998, after living in the Italian town of Fossato di Vico for nearly three months, and walking around central Umbria with occasional small train trips outside Umbria, to Rome and elsewhere, I went back home to Chicago.

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September 1
Part 1: Searching for Vespasian's family villa around Norcia; an excursion to Bologna. Part 2: Daytrip to Rome, especially the churches of the Caelian.
Day 1 of a 4‑day walk up the Valnerina; from Terni to Arrone.
Day 2 of a 4‑day walk up the Valnerina; Polino; I watch some bungee-jumping.
Day 3 of a 4‑day walk up the Valnerina; from Arrone to Scheggino, including the abbey of S. Pietro in Valle.
September 5
— Diary not kept —
The first half of Day 4 of a 4‑day walk up the Valnerina; Scheggino to S. Anatolia di Narco.
September 7
— Diary not kept —
The second half of Day 4 of a 4‑day walk up the Valnerina; S. Anatolia di Narco to Piedipaterno, including the abbey of S. Felice di Narco. Another trip, to Sorano and Sovana.
September 9
— Diary not kept —
Sovana, continued; a walk from S. Lorenzo Nuovo (Lazio) to Castegiorgio and Castelviscardo; a day in Rome.
September 11
— Diary not kept —
A walk from Umbertide to Montone and back.
A 2‑day walk along the Via Flaminia in the Lazio; from Prima Porta to Civita Castellana.
September 14
— Diary not kept —
A day in Rome; a walk from Fabro to Parrano and back.
September 16‑17
— Diary not kept —
A walk in the Umbrian countryside around Fabro.
September 19
— Diary not kept —
A day in Rome, spent mostly on the Aventine; a visit to the Umbrian town of Sellano, completely destroyed in the 1997 earthquake.
Piandoli, Vespia and the probable site of Vespasian's family villa at Vespasiae; the megalithic remains of S. Erasmo di Cesi. My last day in Umbria, with dinner in Narni Scalo.
September 22‑30
— Diary not kept —

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