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Sun. 18 September

No, not quite sleep — I'd forgotten my clothes in the machine that needed to be set to dry once stopped; and, since I am trying to teach myself a more regulated life while here —

Woke up this morning around 7:30 I think, slight muscle presence, no more. Breakfast of tea this time, biscottes & jam, yogurt, pear, grapes. Back to bed, where I sat up propped against a third pillow found in the armoire, and wrote letters.

[. . .]

Evening, before nightfall (the only timepiece in the apartment is the computer, and I don't really want to turn it on just to get the time) —

Spent much of the afternoon — after a slow walk down the via Termoli onto the road past the gardens down to the Consolazione and up thru the Porta Aurea to S. Fortunato somehow (my geography of Todi is still a mystifying muddle), then lunch of tagliatelle a la yesterday, yogurt, grapes — doing things on the computer: making icons, examining the Atlas files in preparation for a total redo of stack "Atlas" now that I have a fast computer, etc. Not a satisfactory afternoon — cloudy, now getting dark for evening —

[. . .] I did another set of 31 sit-ups. Very, very pleased. If I'm aiming at 50 when I get back I need to gain 3 a week, roughly & taking 25 as my start and counting 8 weeks. If I don't meet with some barrier and I continue progressing at roughly the same rate, 50 will be met for sure.

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