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Tue. 27 September

[. . .] I've often reflected how the real perspective of the world might be humbling — how some "major" thing to me might just be God's way of putting me on some street corner in a frame of mind to give away a $5 bill to the person who really mattered at that time. . .!

[. . .] Second wakeup, about nine. Weigh 81 kg. I'd better watch it a bit more.

[. . .] Also, before I go out and get breakfast supplies then go skating, a few miscellaneous unrecorded items —

[image ALT: Clematis vitalba growing in a typical mat under an olive tree. Photo taken near Collazzone, Umbria (central Italy).]

A tangle of clematis under an olive tree, near Collazzone.

Botany on these walks, also seen cnicus benedictus (just once), dock, lots and lots of clematis vitalba, a kind of possibly galium that isn't woodruff, at least two species of silene, chenopodium with leaves slightly differing from what I'm used to (and much more goosefootlike), centaurea, autumn crocus in bloom, although each time I've seen it it looked like it was either cultivated or escaped, none truly wild. I brought back some thyme which I intend to use in cooking —

One of the most striking things about some at least landscapes I've failed to mention except just yesterday, and that's the wonder­ful parasol pine, mostly in the environs of Rome, giving distinction (a sort of a 'lift') to any landscape. Generally, many species of pines — despite Respighi, I wasn't expecting so many pine (nor oak) — sometimes in 50 yards walk I've spotted 5 or 6 different species —

When I came back from my walk to Dóglio, took off my itchy bright blue shorts, found I'd been wearing them backwards the whole way — yesterday's shorts, somewhat longer, to just above the knee, different, softer material, lined with some kind of lint which will surely wash away in three washings, also itch: worse, in fact. [. . .]

11:35 P.M. and back home after walking up from the Porta Romana almost absentmindedly which will be one of the principal fruits of these 2 months in Todi: I'll be able to climb hills, steps, whatever, absolutely in my sleep.

Not that I am asleep like the first time I came back from the rink late at night to Todi —

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