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During much of September 1994, I was living in the Italian town of Todi and walking around Umbria.

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The more interesting entries are on darker backgrounds.

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Left Chicago for Italy.
Transited Paris and landed in Rome.
Jet lag. Waste part of the day trying to get cash from Merrill Lynch. Go skating in Marino for the first time; the PalaGhiaccio rink.
Train to Todi. Take possession of my apartment and settle in.
Walks in the immediate neighborhood: Pontecuti and Ponte Rio.
A 30‑ or 35‑km walk to Massa Martana and back.
Nothing much.
Finally get cash, do some shopping and cook my first home meal in Todi.
In Rome to get some financial papers notarized at the U.S. Embassy; then to Ciampino to send them from DHL's main office; lastly, go skate in Marino where I arrange for skating lessons with an Italian coach. Return to Todi past midnight.
Feeling unhappy, I shake it off late in the day and go wandering around Todi.
To Rome, where I at last find a bank to give me cash off my VISA; buy train passes. First skating lesson in Marino.
Walk to Cecanibbi. Come back to Todi and sit in the Piazza watching people.
A 31‑km walk to Canónica and Dóglio, with some fabulous views; back in Todi, a memorable concert in the Piazza by a visiting Polish choir.
Nothing much.
A 29‑km walk to Collazzone and Collepepe, returning by bus.
Nothing much reported.
Yesterday I went to Rome, looked at the Arch of Constantine, the Colosseum and the Arch of Titus, and went skating in Marino. Today, nothing much.
Another day on trains to and from a skating lesson in Marino. Touch of flu.
Getting over the near-flu; depressed, nothing much.

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