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Tuesday 1 September

Not that much insomnia last night, although enough to see on the ticker news that the Dow closed down 500+ points yesterday, well over 6%. I'm very very relieved to have sold most of my stuff in one fell swoop a few weeks ago when the Dow was still over 9000, telling my broker that I thought it was time to get off: the sniff at the other end of the line was almost audible — Basically I picked up the sell signal from James, who has a sense for these things, although he refuses to say anything —

The little pills worked, too: at least, I didn't wake up with the awful sore throat, although I can feel the underlying problem if I pay attention. European pharmacists are wonder­ful, so much better than US pharmacists, in fact a different beast altogether. You walk in with a minor but very real problem, tell her your symptoms, she gives you something (cheap, too) and usually the problem is solved. Essentially a first level of triage, and it works — The nosebleed has stopped too, although I feel like I've taken a large dose of anthistamine: maybe I have, but the leaflet, carefully read, doesn't seem so. Anyway this morning woke up feeling more or less OK, like a medium cold, no worse.

Nice breakfast on the terrace — Ida brought me a large (and very good) homemade yellow cake and 3 jars of homemade jam last night — just after I'd dropped in ten minutes on the Fuso family with my Chicago photography book for them —

Sun, although rather overcast too; promising to be a hot one; already quite warm. Tomorrow I'm going to Rome; today it's definitely time to get off my duff and get some miles under my feet: it looks like Urvinum Hortense near Collemancio —

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