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Monday 20 September 1998

Paid for yesterday, of course. Woke up at about 10:30; shower, lunch — plate of pasta with the end of a jar of pesto (I prolly should be making my own fresh, I make better; this brand has cashews among its small list of ingredients?), glass of Torgiano, swallowed my vitamins with a sip of liquore di noce, a sort of contradiction I guess; slept again to 5.

Tinkered with e‑mail, FTP, website: confirming that my account works. A few more people clocking in with photo requests, incl. the second for the Capitoline Fasti and third for calendar material (out of maybe 30 requests total). Coupla crashes and server disconnects: some things don't change.

Read large chunx of yet another shroud book, this one (Italian title: Il Secondo Messia; Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas) saying the shroud image is of Jacques de Molay. Much more plausible than Leonardo da Vinci, but the common faults of these books: cram too much stuff in, and gigantic leaps of surmise, often between one sentence and the next.

Headache from too much sleep plus reading. Didn't go out, not even up to terrace for lunch: the skating wasn't tiring, but the 0600‑0130 schedule was. (A cab was at the station, for which I was very grateful, adding a very large tip as incentive: and an old man, too, to be working at one in the morning.)

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