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In October 1994, I was living in the Italian town of Todi, walking around west central Umbria and taking weekly ice skating lessons near Rome.

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The more interesting entries are on darker backgrounds.
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Walk to Montemolino.
12‑km walk, but barely mentioned in passing.
Go to Rome to meet James coming in tomorrow; skirmishes with bureaucracies.
Visit the Forum of Rome; skating in Marino.
The fire alarm and the toilet grinder in our hotel room in Rome get together and make for an interesting night. . . . St. Mary Major, S. Prassede, Trajan's Markets, the Pantheon, the Isola Teverina.
S. Pudenziana, the Capitoline Museums; skating in Marino.
Gypsies try to pick James's pocket; we go home to Todi.
Walk to Montemolino again, this time with James.
October 9
— Diary not kept —
Walk to Izzalini (on the 9th).
October 11
— Diary not kept —
Our visit of Perugia (on the 11th): the church of S. Pietro, an excellent restaurant meal, and the Piazza Grande.
We visit the Duomo of Todi; another good meal (on the 12th). Skating in Marino.
October 14‑15
— Diary not kept —
Our walk to Pontecuti and an evening band concert in Todi (on the 14th) and to Villa San Faustino, the Roman bridge at Ponte Fonnaia, Configni and Acquasparta, followed by an evening of promotional games in the piazza, sponsored by the Emmental Cheese Board (on the 15th).
Report of our trip to Rome: we visit the gardens of the Villa Borghese (on the 16th). James leaves for Chicago, I take the train back to Todi, on which I meet six hikers from Sacramento, California: I wind up showing them around Todi.
Back to Rome to skate in Marino.
October 19
— Diary not kept —
Walk to Ammeto (on the 19th).
Walk to Petroro and San Damiano.
Walk to Montenero, Pesciano, Sismano, Dunarobba, Avigliano Umbro, Farnetta and Montecastrilli.
Nothing much; the end of the report of yesterday's walk.
Rome: a large demonstration, lunch, and a visit to St. Peter's.
The day's walk was recorded on the 26th.
Walk to Monticello, Figareto, Castelrinaldi, Zampani, Rággio and Massa Martana (on the 25th); skating in Marino.
Walk to Porchiano, Asproli and Romazzano; an excellent meal.
An astrological bookstore near the Vatican.
An ice dancing competition in Mentana (on the 28th); shopping in Rome and a pleasant evening on the Piazza Viminale.
Walk to S. Giàcomo, Cordigliano and Campi and a swim in the Tiber; another good meal.
A dance costume shop in Rome; skating in Marino.

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