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In October 1997, I was living in the Italian town of Spello and walking around east central Umbria with occasional small train trips outside Umbria, to Rome and elsewhere.

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The more interesting entries are on darker backgrounds.
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Sep. 29 continued: Bevagna the theatre and the amphitheatre and a problem. Yesterday Sep. 30: James and I visit Arezzo.
October 2
— Diary not kept —
Oct. 1: we visit the Roman bridge and medieval town of Narni.
October 4‑6
— Diary not kept —
Oct. 2: by bus from Perugia to Gubbio and visit of Gubbio.
Oct. 3: I take James to the airport in Rome; then have an excellent Sardinian seafood lunch.
October 9
— Diary not kept —
Oct. 3, continued: skating in Marino
Oct. 4‑5: catch my breath at home in Spello, and meet Peter and June
Oct. 6: walk to Collepino, S. Giovanni di Spello where I see some real earthquake damage, Valtopina and the high Romanesque church at S. Giovanni Profiamma. On the way, I "discover" (!) a piece of Roman road.
Oct. 7: I tour Peter and June thru Todi and some small towns in the area.
Oct. 8: the Mayor of Spello evicts Peter and June as an earthquake safety precaution.
October 11‑12
— Diary not kept —
October 13

Part 1: Oct. 8, continued: walk to Stroncone and the ruined and vandalized monastery of S. Simeone.

Part 2: Oct. 9: Peter and June take me to Norcia and Castelluccio.

Part 3: Oct. 10: I walk from Giuncano to Sangémini: the interesting towns of Poggio Lavarino, Macerino and Portaria. The Roman town of Carsulae dispatched in a short paragraph. • Oct. 11: Peter and June and I visit Città di Castello.

October 14
— Diary not kept —
Oct. 12: a circular walk, first from Spello to Fiamenga and Búdino (another "discovery") and Bevagna following the Roman Via Flaminia; a careful visit of Bevagna, and back home by another route.
October 16
— Diary not kept —
Oct. 13: A train trip and a visit to Fano on the Adriatic coast
Oct. 14: I travel by train to Rome with Orlando and Giuliana, my landlady's parents, who've invited me to stay with them at their country house near Rome.
Brief entry: train trip to Marino on Tuesday 14.
Oct. 15: how not to do the Via Appia.

Part 1: Oct. 16: walked to Nemi and visited the empty hull of the Museum of the Roman Ships. Skating in Marino. • Oct. 17: via Appia the right way. Skating. • Oct. 18: nothing much: train trip back to Spello.

Part 2: Oct. 19: walked from Spoleto to Foligno via the great Romanesque church of S. Brizio and the towns of La Bruna and Castel Ritaldi. Also Pieve S. Gregorio, a very small Romanesque church with some magnificent sculpture.

October 21
— Diary not kept —
Oct. 20: walked from Narni Scalo to the train station of Civita Castellana, mostly to see Otricoli and its Roman mother town of Ocriculum a couple of miles away.
Oct. 21: a short walk, visiting Trevi and the Tempietto del Clitunno
Yesterday I visited Rimini — mostly the great Roman bridge and the Renaissance Tempio Malatestiano — and today a brief excursion to the Republic of San Marino.
October 24
— Diary not kept —
Yesterday I visited Ostia, which is wonder­ful. Skating in Marino and an unexpected return to Spello.
October 26‑28
— Diary not kept —
Oct. 25: a surreptitious visit of the amphitheatre of Spello with a more regular look at S. Claudio after the earthquake damage, also at the Villa Fidelia.
Oct. 26: walked from Trevi to Bevagna
October 30
— Diary not kept —
Oct. 27: a day in Todi, with a short walk in the early morning to see the Romanesque church of S. Maria in Pantano near Massa Martana.
Oct. 28: a miserable afternoon in Foligno in the rain
Oct. 29: Rome — walked the Via Flaminia from the Forum to the Milvian Bridge, then lunch outdoors in the cold rain in front of the Pantheon; skating in Marino.

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