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Sunday 20 November 2005

Winding down the day at 6:50 P.M., although there was hardly any winding up: a very low-key day dictated almost completely by the chafed thighs.

I did wander out, not only for Luna's morning walk (late, at 10:30) and her evening walk (at 6:30), but for my own excursion into town to get various supplies, the most expensive of which by far seem to have been useless: gauze pads and some purportedly self-adhesive tape — that does not, in fact, stick at all; blast the time when I'll have to pull it off, tomorrow I'll go back and get some of the old-fashioned kind with stickum: because the instant those pads are off the sore spots, they start hurting again.

Anyway, the walk into town was good for getting me out, beautiful weather, bank thermometer said 60F; some kind of softball event — I think it was a photo shoot for a yearbook rather than an actual game — at the field near the house; wood smoke in the air; a few people fishing; and, this being America, the stores were openº and I found most of what I wanted, except for a whistling tea-kettle: for safety I really want one here, since I have a definite tendency to leave pots on the stove then get distracted; nothing's happened yet but I worry.

[image ALT: A row of girls in sports uniforms sitting on a bench behind a fence, facing a field. It is a discreet view of a softball team in Jenkins, Kentucky.]

Softball at the Lady Cavs' field in Goodwater, a neighborhood of Jenkins.

Called James — everything OK at home — and made dinner: farfalle, squash with butter and garlic; salad: lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Now bedtime; I'm hoping the thigh business clears up fast, I'm heartily fed up with it, plus I can't do any walking that way, so am thrown on the resources of the house, reading & the Internet, seems a waste of a trip to Kentucky.

[image ALT: missingALT. It is a view of Elkhorn Lake in Jenkins, Kentucky.]

Fishing on Elkhorn Lake.

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