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Monday 21 November 2005

Nothing at all really today; I wanted to give the thighs another day to heal — and the weather coöperated nicely with this plan: it rained all day, so other than walking Luna — in the morning to the High School and around the bend to the other side of the lake to about across from the house, and in the evening up Little Oak Street to the townhouse development — I didn't leave the house: and sure enough, I feel much better. On the other hand it's hardly a way to get to know the area; I read, transcribed "The History of Jenkins, Kentucky", looked at my e‑mail, made a few minor corrections to my site and even to Wikipedia, called James and made dinner: a pork chop in a sauce of half-and‑half reduced with green onions and mushrooms — continuing my progress thru the vegetable drawer eating up things before they go bad! It's five to nine and I'm in bed and about ready to call it quits for the day.

Tomorrow the forecast is for sharply cooler, high around 35F it seems, with rain, wind and snow; still, I ought to be able to head into town and get catfood and other supplies, maybe stop by the library again —

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This is a photograph of me working on the computer.

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