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In November 2005, I spent twelve days in Jenkins, Kentucky and walked a bit of the area.

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November 1‑17
— Diary not kept —
I arrive in Jenkins, Kentucky for a 12‑day stay — with a stop on the way at Daniel Boone's grave in Frankfort.
A walk from Jenkins, Kentucky to Pound Gap and Almira, Virginia and back. The Civil War Memorial at Pound Gap.
Jenkins: a low-key day, a couple of photos of the recreational opportunities in town.
Not much: I didn't leave the house.
Jenkins: the Cavalier Cafe, the American Legion.
Another day where I didn't leave the house.
A low-key Thanksgiving dinner at the Jenkins Community Hospital; then I walk to Burdine and back.
A tour of Letcher County by car: Fish Pond Lake, Whitesburg, Seco.
I walk to Dunham and back, including Store Hill and Straight Row. A bit more about Seco.
November 27‑28
— Diary not kept —
Another tour of Letcher County by car, somewhat wider: the tipple at Deane, Fleming-Neon, Jackhorn (Hemphill), McRoberts; skip over the state line to Pound, VA. A quick drive across Kentucky to my plane back home to Chicago.
November 30
— Diary not kept —

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