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Saturday December 30, 1995

Odd English felt pen in a weird color but it's what I managed to find as my last blue felt gave out — which is what has been preventing me from keeping this diary the last coupla days.

Catching up since Thursday 28 — which was a simple day, in capsule form: skating lesson, then 2 pints of ale with Bram Hoar at Canary Wharf, then the Soane Museum, briefly back to the hotel, then "La Belle Vivette" at the English National Opera, finally an excellent Indian meal at a restaurant called Bhatti in Covent Garden across from the Masonic Hall, and to bed in the cold by the last trains.

Yesterday, summarily: the Palley for me, back to the hotel at 1:45 and met James, then another good lunch at Chimes on Churton Street, a spot of shopping so we'd have shirts to wear, then relaxed in our room, left at 6:15 and a wonder­ful silly performance at 7 at Covent Garden, of les Patineurs and Tales of Beatrix Potter, then back to the hotel, a spot of quiet reading, and asleep at 11, waking up at 8 — James said I snored.

Today, again summarily: we "did" the Tower under a light freezing drizzle and cold cold weather, complete with wind, from 10 to 1:10; to Sloane Square where I found an English-made silk and wool scarf for Bill, then we saw Chekhov's Three Sisters, well acted I think (although what, really! do I know? about acting): anyway it was horridly dismal at the end and how appropriate — and now it's 6:20 and in a few minutes we'll be leaving probably for a Christmas Baroque night at St. Martin-in‑the-Fields, then eats: we haven't had anything other than a light breakfast since noon yesterday.

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On the grounds of the Tower of London.
The birds are the famous Tower ravens, and the decaying wall is Roman.
In the background, Tower Bridge.

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