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Tuesday 31 December

It's 5:25 P.M. and here I am sitting at a table, small and round with a green and blue checked tablecloth, in the antechamber of a suite in the Hotel Baia di Talamone after having rather disorganizedly gallivanted if slowly due to the snow and uncleared roads thru a semi-circle around Grosseto. . . .

Starting where I left off last night: shortly after my diary entry, we went out to eat — it was a few minutes to eight, so despite having found a congenial restaurant close by, in the arcades of the p.zza del Duomo, now we had to go wandering around in the dark and the cold down back out of the city thru the Medicean walls — massive brick things, very Vaubanlike, not medieval at all in feeling, of the late 16c — prowling deserted streets with not a restaurant open in sight, nor indeed anything else open — and this when Stefano is quite miserable in cold weather. . . By 8:15 we were back at the restaurant (il Capannino? the name, something like that at any rate) close to a hearth fire where they actually did the grilled meats; nice and warm.

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