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Colombia, 1993

[image ALT: Two very white tourists, a man and a woman, standing in a group of six other people, very brown, wearing grass skirts, and demonstrating the use of pan-pipes and blowguns; against a background of thatched huts in a jungle clearing. It is a photo of the perpetrator of this website and a friend visiting an Amazonian village in Colombia.]

Yours truly and his friend Beatriz, among the Yaguas.

These letters are my record of a trip to Colombia, May 30 thru June 19, 1993.

May 31

Flight from Florida to Maracaïbo (Venezuela) and Bogotá; first day in Bogotá.

June 2

Santa Fé de Bogotá: its plants and its food. A teachers' demonstration in the main square.

June 4

The town of Leticia, on the Amazon River. Excursions on the river, and visit two Indian settlements.

June 5

Leticia: the zoo. An excursion on the Amazon, to Puerto Alegría (Peru) and Tabatinga (Brazil). Fly out of Leticia, back to Bogotá: Bogotá from the air.

June 7

An Antioqueño restaurant in Bogotá. Car trip halfway down the Andes to Paipa and its hot springs. The historical monuments of the departamento of Boyacá: Pantano de Vargas and the Bridge of Boyacá.

June 11

Cartagena de las Indias: a swingers' hotel, the cathedral of St. Peter Claver and its museum, the 16c Spanish fort, the old town.

June 13

A bus ride from Cartagena to Barranquilla to Santa Marta, with some extraordinary scenery. The Quinta San Pedro Alejandrino, the farm in S. Marta where Simon Bolivar died.

June 16

Back in Bogotá: a visit to the pilgrimage shrine of Monserrate over­looking the city. A drive to the provincial town of Fusagasugá and its market; an interesting lunch at S. Raimondo.

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