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Baetica: Map 1

The map on this page is in the public domain. It is from a 19c atlas of the Roman world. Jim Miller scanned it.

Above the map — to allow you to search this page while the map loads — an index is provided of all the place names appearing on it: including Ancient Name(s), Modern Name(s), Longitude & Latitude, Ptolemy's Longitude & Latitude, Bibliographical Refs in Ancient Authors, Major Websites — and most importantly, a grid reference to the map.

The source of this page is set up as a database with field tags (see "Help" for details).

For various reasons the grid references may not be absolutely exact: for example, a town indexed as being in grid block Km may be along the edges of Kl, etc.

The Help icon in the header provides more detailed help, explanations and sources (in a separate window), as do the links in the column headings.

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Modern Identification
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Ancient Name(s)
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Grid & Quadrant
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Longitude & Latitude
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Ptolemy's Coördinates
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Bibliographical References
Adra Abdera (Abdara, Abdra) Cg 3W01 36N44 10*45 37N10 Pliny, NH 3.8
Abila (Abyla) Bf 7*50 35N40 Pliny, NH 3.4
Acinipo (Acinippo) Bg 6*30 38N25 Pliny, NH 3.14
Ad Adrum Flumen Bi
Ad Aras Ch
Ad Rubras Bh
Ad Septem Aras Bi
Ad Turres Ci
Aegabrum Ch
Ammaea Bi
Anduna Ci
Antequera Antiquaria (Anticaria) Cg 4W33 37N01
Arci Ch
Arenae Montes Bg
Arsa Bi 8*40 38N35 Pliny, NH 3.14
Artigi Bi Pliny, NH 3.10
Artigi Cg
Arucci Novum (Arunci) Bi 5*50 38N50 Pliny, NH 3.14
Arunda Bg 6*30 38N50 Pliny, NH 3.14
Asido Bg Pliny, NH 3.11
Jerez de la Frontera
(Xeres de la Frontera)
Asta (Asta Regia, Xeresium) Bg 6W08 36N41 6*00 37N00
Aurigitanum Ch
Baesippo Bg 7*15 37N05
Guadalquivir R. Baetis Fl. (mouth) Bh 6W05 36N40 5*20 37N00
Balsa Bh
Barba Ch
Barbesula (Barbesola) Bg 7*15 36N10 Pliny, NH 3.8
Barbesula Fl. Bg 7*40 36N20 Pliny, NH 3.8
Bastia Ch
Belon (Baelo, Baelon) Bg 6*05 36N05 Pliny, NH 3.7
Budua Bi
Caepionis Turris Bg
Calabona Bg
Calentum Bh
Calipos Fl. Ah
Gibraltar Calpe Bg 5W22 36N11 7*30 36N15 Pliny, NH 3.7
Calpurniana Ch 9*45 38N10
Carcuvium Ci
Carisa (Carissa) Bg 6*30 37N30 Pliny, NH 3.15
near San Roque
Carteia Bg 7*30 36N10 Pliny, NH 3.7
Castulo Ci
Cavichim Cg
Celti Bh
Chryssus Fl. Bg
Cimbis Bg
Conistorgis Bh
Contosolia Bi
Contributa Bi 7*40 38N55 Pliny, NH 3.14
Corduba Ch 9*20 38N05 Pliny, NH 3.10
Cuneus Pr. Ag
Curica Bi
Ebora Bi 6*15 36N55 Pliny, NH 3.10
Emerita Augusta Bi
Epora Ch Pliny, NH 3.10
Erythia I. Ag
Esuris Bh
Fines Bh
Fraxin. . . Ch
Fretum Gaditanum Bf
Fretum Herculeum Bf
Gades (Gadira) Bg 6W18 36N32 5*10 36N10 Pliny, NH 2.219
Giniana Bg
Haetara Ch
Herculis Templum Bg
Sevilla Hispalis Bh 5W59 37N23 7*15 37N50 Pliny, NH 2.219
Niebla Ilipa Bh
Ilipula M. (Illipula M.) Ch 7*20 37N30
Illiberis (Iliberri) Ch 11*00 37N40 Pliny, NH 3.10
Illurco (Ilurco) Ch Pliny, NH 3.10
Iluro Cg Pliny, NH 3.22
Ipagro Ch
Italica Bh 7*00 38N00 Pliny, NH 3.11
Cape Trafalgar Junonis Pr. Bg 5*45 36N10 Pliny, NH 3.7
Laelia Bh 6*30 38N05 Pliny, NH 3.12
Laminium Ci
Lepe Leppa Bh 7W12 37N15
Libystinus L. Bh
Maenoba (Maenuba) Cg 9*15 37N15 Pliny, NH 3.8
Maenoba Fl. Cg Pliny, NH 3.8 , 3.11 , 3.12
Malaca Cg 4W25 36N43 8*50 37N30 Pliny, NH 3.8
Malceca Ai
Mariana Ci
Marianus Mons Ci 6*00 37N40
Mellaria Bi Pliny, NH 3.7
Mellaria Bg
(Mentesa Ba. . .) Ci Pliny, NH 3.9
Metellinum Bi
Mirobriga Ci 7*00 38N25 Pliny, NH 3.14
Miturgis Ci
Munda Cg Pliny, NH 3.12
Myrtilis Bh
Nebrissa (Nabrissa) Ag 5*40 37N20 Pliny, NH 3.11
Nertobriga Bi 7*00 38N50 Pliny, NH 3.14
(Huelva) Onoba Bh 6*10 36N20
Oretum Ci
Orippo Bh Pliny, NH 3.11
Ossigi Ch Pliny, NH 3.10
Ossonoba Ag 3*00 37N50 Pliny, NH 3.7
Pax Julia Bi
Pax Julia Augusta Bi
Perceiana Bi
Do I believe this??
Portus Albus Bg
Portus Gaditanus Bg
Praesidium Bh
Rarapia Ai
Regiana (Regina) Bi 7*10 38N55
Saduba (Salduba) Fl. Cg 8*30 37N00
Salduba Cg 8*45 37N20 Pliny, NH 3.8
Saxitanum Cg
Selambina Cg 10*15 37N15
Serpa Serpa Bh
Singili Ch Pliny, NH 3.10
Singulis Fl. Ch
Sisapo Ci Pliny, NH 3.14
Suel Cg 8*00 36N55 Pliny, NH 3.8
Tartessus Bg Pliny, NH 3.7
Teba Cg
(Tangier, Tánger, Tanger)
Tingis Bf 5W48 35N48 6*30 35N55
Tucci (Tucci Vetus) Bh 8*00 37N10 Pliny, NH 3.10
Tucci Ch
Tugia Ch
Ugia Bg 5*30 37N10
Ulia Ch 9*30 38N00 Pliny, NH 3.10
Urcao Ch
Urium Fl. Bh
Urso Bh

[image ALT: A relief map of ancient Baetica, marking towns and their names, rivers, and a few roads, most of them conjectural.]

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