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Thrace: Map 1

The map on this page is in the public domain. It is from a 19c atlas of the Roman world. Jim Miller scanned it.

I once had a grand scheme of indexing the places on this map and others (sample: Baetica, Map 1), and even of folding the indexes into a comprehensive index of all placenames onsite; but my site has become so large, search engines out there have become so good, and so few people would use such an index, that I've decided it's a case of diminishing returns: you're on your own. . . .

For various reasons the grid references may not be absolutely exact: for example, a town indexed as being in grid block Km may be along the edges of Kl, etc.

The Help icon in the header provides more detailed help, explanations and sources (in a separate window), as do the links in the column headings.

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