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Some Maps of the Roman Empire

The maps on this section of my website are taken from an unidentified late 19c English-language school atlas of the Roman world. It is not the best atlas, nor do I have the full set of maps or the index. At the time I put them online, I was rescuing them, so to speak, since their owner, Jim Miller, was about to lose his website. Although that did not happen, in July 2001 Mr. Miller died: and this disparate collection of older print maps, rather too large, with occasional scholar­ship and readability problems, that I can neither fix or identify, will remain onsite for the foreseeable future.

What is clearly needed is a clickable CAD-type zooming system, tailor-made for computers: I'm looking at various solutions of this type. As usual, stay tuned: LacusCurtius's What's New page is updated every time pages are added, which is often daily.

For now:

What's Here?

In addition to the ancient names (Roman names) as they appear on the maps:

On each map, the database will precede the map; you have something to read or search while the map loads. (Once I figure out exactly how to proceed, the maps will be in much smaller chunks. . . .)

Indexing this Monster

This page contains two lists:

The short one, first, is a Table of Maps: a list of Roman-related maps on this site. If you just want to browse, this is where you'll be clicking. Some maps already overlap, by the way; and as maps are added, that'll be the norm.

Not all the Empire is covered yet (missing: Britain, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Dacia, the Peloponnesus, Cyprus, Mesopotamia).

The long list is an Index of Placenames: all the placenames on this site, each one linked to the map(s) it can be found on. When this index gets too long, it will be moved to another page.

Table of Maps

The maps are quite large. For your convenience, they therefore open in a separate window, allowing you to toggle back and forth between this index window and that one without irritating reloads. If you believe you need and expect a "back" button — now how would I know where you've come from? — you should either toggle to the other window or use one of the clearly labeled buttons provided at the bottom of each page.

Map Indexed? Size Comments
Northern Iberia 1117 K
Southern Iberia 674 K
259 K
Tarraconensis 305 K
Northern Gaul 767 K
Southern Gaul 631 K
Germania 852 K
NW Greece 1117 K the W side of Greece, from N of Epirus down to the S (Peloponnesus) shore of the Gulf of Corinth
E Greece 688 K in modern terms, E Central Greece, from Mt. Olympus down to the Gulf of Corinth
Liguria 326 K Much of Northwestern Italy, actually
Northeastern Italy 1058 K
North Central Italy 1044 K
294 K
South Central Italy 1064 K
Campania 236 K
Southern Italy
Pannonia 1278 K
Rhaetia 764 K
Thrace 958 K
Cyrene 562 K
Map 1 201 K
Map 2 902 K
Mauretania 794 K
Numidia 236 K
Asia Minor
Map 1 789 K
Map 2 922 K
Map 3 938 K
Map 4 448 K
Syria 925 K

Index of Placenames

Ancient Names

Abdara (Abdra) Abdera (in Baetica) Abila Acinipo Ad Adrum Flumen ad Aginos Ad Aras ad Centesimum ad Martis ad Martis Ad Rubras Ad Septem Aras Ad Turres Aegabrum Alatrum Alba Fucentia (Alba Fucens) Albula R. Ameria Ammaea Anagnia Anduna Anticaria (Antiquaria) Aquinum Arci Arenae Montes Arpinum Arsa Artigi Arucci Novum Arunda Arx Asculum Picenum Asido Asta Asta Regia Aurigitanum Baccana

Baelon (Belon) Baetia Fl. Balneum Regis Balsa Barba Barbesola Barbesula Barbesula Fl. Bastia Budua

Calabona Calentum Calipos Fl. Calpe Calpurniana Camerte Capena Capionis Turris Carcuvium Carisa (Carissa) Carsulae (Carsioli) Carteia Castrum Novum Castulo Cavichim Celti Chryssus Fl. Cimbis Clitunni (Cliternum) Conistorgis Contosolia Contributa Corduba Corfinium Cuneus Pr. Cures Curica Cutilia

Ebora Emerita Augusta Epora Eretium Erythia I. Esuris Fabrateria Falerii (Falerium) Ferentinum Ferentinum Fescennium

Fines Forum Cassii Fraxin. . . Fregellae Fretum Gaditanum (Fretum Herculeum) Frusino Fucinus L.

Gades (Gadira) Giniana Hadria

Haetara Herculis Templum Hispalis

Ilipa Ilipula M. Illiberis Illipula M. Illurco Iluro Interamna (Interamnia, Interamnia Nahars) Interamna Praetutiora Ipagro Italica

Junonis Pr.

Laelia Laminium Latinus R. Leppa Libystinus L. Lucus Feroniae

Maenoba Maenoba Fl. Malaca Malceca Mariana Marianus Mons Marrubium Marruvium Mellaria Mentesa Ba. . . Metellinum Mirobriga Miturgis Munda Myrtilis

Nabrissa (Nebrissa) Narnia Nepeta (Nepete) Nertobriga Nomentum Nursia Ocricolum (Ocriculum)

Onoba Oretum Orippo Ossigi Ossonoba

Pax Julia Pax Julia Augusta Perceiana Pinna Plagiaria Portus Albus Portus Gaditanus Praesidium Privernum

Raesippo Rarapia Reate Regiana Regina

Saduba Fl. Salduba Saxitanum Selambina Serpa Setra Signia Singili Singulis Fl. Sisapo Sora Soracte Spoletium Sublaqueum Suel

Tartessus Teba Testrina Tingis Tucci Tuder Tugia

Ugia Ulia med.:
Urbs Vetus
Urcao Urium Fl. Urso Vallia R. Veii Venafrum Vicus Novus Volsinii Vomanus R. Xeresium

Modern Names

Adra (Otricoli) Amélia Antequera Bagnoregio

Cádiz Campello sul Clitunno Córdoba Cadiz Cordoba

Évora (Evora) Ferentino


Jerez de la Frontera


Málaga Mérida Malaga Merida Narni Orvieto Rieti S. Maria in Pantano (near Massa Martana)

Serpa Sevilla Spoleto

Tangier (Tánger, Tanger, Tanja) Terni Todi

Xeres de la Frontera

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