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This webpage reproduces part of the
Martha Isabella Hopkins Barbour

G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1936

This text has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
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of Martha Isabella Hopkins Barbour

 p165  October 1st — Can it be possible the second month of fall is here. Yes, it is here. When I look back upon the last sixteen months of my life I can see but two bright spots in it, and these are Cousin Phil's dear visits to Galveston. "We know not what a day may bring forth." How true that is. This time one year ago I was happy in the conviction that I should be settled in a few months and instead of that I am more uncertain now than ever. I pray God to give me grace to hold up, and faith in His mercy and blessings.

October 2d — Got up this morning intending to go over and sit with Mrs. Doswell, but General Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.McLeod came in and remained until nearly dinner time. Went over this afternoon. Find her getting well fast. We can never be thankful enough to God for her restoration. Tonight Sarah went to the "Sing." Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.Cousin Cary and I had a very friendly chat. He talked to me as he would to a sister, and I took the liberty of giving him advice, which he received very kindly. It really does me good to talk to him about my husband. He knows him and can appreciate my devotion to him. If I ever mention my husband's name (which I do about 20 times a day) his face always wears a smile. He is the life of the house and we shall miss him much when he leaves. If my dearest husband could come on, what  p166 delight I should feel. The longer I live the more I feel the blessing of such a man for my partner. He is much too good for me, but love, deep abiding love, fills my heart for him, and ever will, and he is just as devoted to me. In writing this journal I am not actuated by any ambitious motive, but purely by the desire of doing something to give Cousin Phil pleasure when he comes on. I must write to know if he is keeping up his.

October 3d — I have a very bad headache tonight and cannot record the events of the day. This is Saturday night. I pray that my feelings and thoughts may be upwards.

October 4th — The Sabbath has passed and gone. I have felt very quiet in mind today. I partook of the holy communion which gave me great comfort. It seems that my faith has been firmer today than ever. I feel an assurance that my husband will be a Christian and that gives me happiness inexpressible. Went to hear Mr. Eaton tonight. His sermon was good. He improves very much or it may be that I attend more to what he says than formerly. My eyes ache in looking for the "Galveston." When will she come and bring me a letter from my own dear husband.

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