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  This webpage reproduces a section of
R. E. Lee: A Biography

by Douglas Southall Freeman

published by Charles Scribner's Sons,
New York and London, 1934

The text, and illustrations except as noted, are in the public domain.

This site is not affiliated with the US Military Academy.



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Sacrificios, anchorage

Saint Clair disaster

I, 7, 168

Saint Mary (sloop)

I, 221

Salem Church

II, 546‑52

Salem (Marshall)

cavalcade attacked, II, 308, 424


San Angel road

San Antonio

San Augustin

San Geronimo, village

I, 260‑4

San Juan d'Ulloa, castle fort

I, 223, 227, 233

San Mateo convent

I, 267‑70

San Pablo convent

Sanaco, Chief

I, 365

Sands, Commander Joshua R.

I, 224

Sandy Hook

I, 395

Santa Anna, Gen. (Mexican)

Saunders, Herbert C.

I, 423n

Savage Station

Savannah, Ga.

Scales, A. M.

II, 92

Scarey Creek

I, 580

Scheibert, Capt. Justus

Schofield, Gen. John M.

I, 346

Scott, Henry Lee

I, 226

Scott, Sir Walter

I, 104

Scott, Maj. Gen. Winfield


Seddon, James A.

Sedgwick, Maj. Gen. John, U. S. A.


Seminole campaign

I, 192

Semmes, Brig. Gen. Paul, C. S. A.

Semmes, Capt. Raphael

Sempriere, Biographical Dictionary

I, 73

Service Afloat and Ashore, by Semmes

I, 232

Seven Days' Battles

Seven Pines battle

Seven Years' War

II, 87

Sewell Creek

I, 585‑6

Sewell Mountain

Sewell's Point

I, 500


Shaw, Jim

I, 366

Shenandoah Valley

Sheridan, Gen. Phil

I, 329, 352

Sherman, Brig. Gen. Thomas W., U. S. A.

I, 614, 616, 629

Sherman, Gen. William T., U. S. A.

I, 629

Shields, Gen. James, U. S. A.


II, 19, 24, 72
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Carter home described, I, 23‑4; in wartime, II, 226

Shreve, Capt. Henry

Shriver, Col.

I, 398

Sibley, Caleb

I, 369

Sigel, Maj. Gen. Franz, U. S. A.

II, 258

Simms, Colonel Charles

I, 20

Sketches of the Life and Correspondence of Nathanael Greene, by William Johnson

I, 37

Slaughter, Mayor

II, 434

Slave emancipation

II, 419

Slave insurrection, 1831

I, 111‑12


Lee's views, 371‑3; Lee's handling of slaves, I, 390; Tribune protest, I, 390‑2

Slidell, John

I, 201, 621

Smith, Charles F.

I, 412

Smith, Gen. E. Kirby, C. S. A.

I, 329, 361, 366; II, 30, 88‑89

Smith, Capt. F. W., C. S. A.

I, 639

Smith, Col. Francis H.

I,º 465, 479

Smith, Maj. Gen. Gustavus W., C. S. A.

Smith, insurgent leader at Harpers Ferry

I, 396

Smith, Capt. James Power, C. S. A.

II, 487, 507, 521

Smith, Capt. John

I, 460

Smith, Maj. John Lind

Smith, Maj. J. S.

I, 190

Smith, Joseph A.

I, 82

Smith, Joseph B.

I, 83

Smith, Maj. Gen. M. L., C. S. A.

I, 643

Smith, Gen. Persifor F.

Smith, S. Stanhope

I, 69

Smith, Lt. Col. William Proctor, C. S. A.

I, 643



I, 142‑3


I, 356

Sollers' Point Flats

Sorrel family

I, 624

Sorrel, Gen. G. Moxley

II, 334, 496

South Mountain, battle

II, 370‑2

Sparks, Jared

I, 61, 355, 357

Spec, Lee's dog

I, 301


Spitfire (ship)

I, 224

Spotswood, Gov. Alexander

I, 24, 160, 166

Spread Eagle Tavern attack

I, 2, 66

Stanton, Edwin M.

II, 236, 243

Star of the West (steamer)

I, 419

Stark, John

I, 355

Starke, Gen. William E., C. S. A.

I, 601, II, 319, 321, 403

Staunton River

II, 48

Staunton, Va.


Stephens, Alexander H.

Stephens, Vice-President

II, 244

Steuart, Brig. Gen. George H., C. S. A.

II, 62

Stevens, Aaron

I, 400

Stevens, Lt. I. I.

I, 247, 276

Stevens, Mrs.

II, 463‑4

Stevens, Brig. Gen. W. H., C. S. A.

I, 643; II, 75, 82, 259

Stewart's farm

II, 340

Stiles, Eliza Mackay (Mrs. Wm. H.)

Stiles, Katherine

I, 389

Stiles, William H.

I, 112

Stone fleet

sinking, I, 618, 623

Stoneman, Gen. Geo., U. S. A.

I, 361; II, 516, 520, 525, 546, 556, 559
elsewhere on my site: Private Journal of William Hyde, passim.

Storke, Henry

I, 97


Strange, Col. John B.

II, 190

Strasburg, Va.

I, 505; II, 54‑5, 62

Stratford Hall

described, I, 34‑5; sold out of Lee family, I, 97; Lee wants to buy, I, 620

Stuart, Gen. J. E. B., C. S. A.

Stuart, Rev. K. J.

II, 20

Stuart, Dr. Richard

I, 605

Sturgis, Brig. Gen. Samuel D., U. S. A.

II, 338


I, 512, 521

Sullivan, William

I, 10

Sully, Thomas

I, 103

Sumner, Maj. Gen. E. V., U. S. A.

Sumter, Fort

I, 419, 430, 434‑5, 612; II, 91, 253

Sumter, Gen.

I, 3

Sutherlin, W. T.

I, 464


II, 115‑16

Sweeny, banjo player

II, 454, 485‑6

Swift Run Gap

II, 32, 50

Sydnor, Lt. Thomas W., C. S. A.

I, 129

Szannin, Programme d'un Cours de Construction

I, 77


I, 36, 40

Tacubaya,º village

Taliaferro, Gen. William B., C. S. A.

Talcott, Col. Andrew

Talcott, Harriet R. Hackley (Mrs. Andrew)

Talcott, Col. T. M. R., C. S. A.

I, 641‑2; II, 235, 519‑20


I, 220


I, 481

Tarnall, Commander Josiah

I, 224

Tatnall, Capt. J. R. F.

I, 640

Taylor, Dr.

II, 544

Taylor farm

II, 282

Taylor, Gen. Geo. Wm., U. S. A.

II, 320

Taylor, Gen. Richard, C. S. A.

II, 152

Taylor, Lt.-Col. Walter H., C. S. A.

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. W. P.

II, 486‑7

Taylor, Brevet Brig.-Gen. Zachary

Teazer (Confederate steamer)

I, 528

Thackeray, William Makepeace

I, 460

Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class. Thayer, Col. Sylvanus

Thomas, Gen. George H.

Thomas, Mrs. George H.

I, 371, 375

Thomas, Gen. E. L., C. S. A.

Thompson, Sam

I, 89

Thoroughfare Gap

I, 448; II, 312‑4, 317, 320, 563

Ticknor, George

I, 61, 81n

Tilghman, Lt. Richard

Tillinghast, Lt. Nicholas

I, 70


I, 286

Tompkins, Fort

I, 189, 195, 200

Toombs, Gen. Robert, C. S. A.

Torres Vedras

II, 480

Torrey, Dr. John

I, 70

Totten, Gen. Joseph G.

Totten, Mrs. Joseph G.

Tower, Lt. Zebulon B.

Townsend, E. D.

I, 437n, 363‑4º

Traité Complet de Fortification, by Noizet-de‑Saint-Paul

I, 358

Traité des Grandesº Opérations Militaires,º
by Jomini

I, 354

Traité Elémentaireº d'Astronomie Physique,
by Biot

I, 357


I, 500

Trapier, Gen. James H.

I, 622

Traveller, Lee's horse

Tredegar Iron Works

I, 81

Trent (British steamer)

I, 621

Trevino, Gov. Andres

I, 407

Trimble, Gen. Isaac R., C. S. A.

Trist, Nicholas P.

Trumbull, Maj.

I, 247

Tucker, George

I, 41‑2

Turkey Hill

II, 149

Turkey, Map of, Kiebert's

I, 357

Turnbull, Cadet

I, 311

Turnbull, Maj. William

I, 250

Turner, George W.

I, 84

Turner, Marietta

I, 105

Turner, Nat

insurrection, I, 394

Turner, Thomas

I, 105

Turner's Gap

II, 368‑71

Tybee Island

I, 615

Tygart's River and Valley

Tyler, President John

I, 98, 493

Tyler, Mrs. John

I, 469

Tytler, Elements of General History

I, 78

Twiggs, Gen. D. E.

Twiss, Thomas S.

I, 69

Ulrich, Mrs.

I, 132

United States (ship)

I, 521

Up the Rhine, by Hood

I, 356

Upton, Gen. Emory,
Military Policy of the United States

II, 26

Utah Expedition

I, 386

Valencia, Gen.

I, 259

Valley Forge

I, 23

Valley Mountain

Valley of Virginia

Van Buren, President Martin

I, 41, 358

Van Cortlandt, Oloff Stevense

I, 81

Van Cortlandt, Gen. Pierre

I, 81

Van Cortlandt, Stephenus

I, 81

Van Dorn, Maj. Earl


I, 78


I, 76

Venable, Col. Charles S., C. S. A.

I, 641‑2; II, 235, 403

Vera Cruz

I, 38, 217‑18, 221‑36, 285‑6, 289, 293, 297‑8, 304, 457, 466, 480, 631; II, 457; described, I, 225, 227; bombarded, I, 230‑3; surrender, I, 234


II, 284


II, 259

Vestris,º Madame

I, 130

Villepigue,º Brig. Gen. J. B., C. S. A.

I, 346

Vimy Ridge

II, 204


State described, I, 472‑3; Defenses, I, 473‑4; Population, I, 473; Roads and railroads, I, 472‑3; Strategical position, I, 472‑3

Virginia (Confederate warship)

Virginia Military Institute

I, 484, 494
on the Web: VMI

Virginia rangers

I, 21

Virginia, University of

I, 491, 511, 605; II, 251

Vixen (ship)

I, 224


I, 63

Voltigeur regiment

I, 251, 266


Von Borcke, Maj. Heros

Von Steinwehr, Brig. Gen. A., U. S. A.

II, 264

Wade, Fort

II, 349

Waite, Gen. C. A.

I, 427, 429

Walker, Rev. Cornelius

I, 476

Walker, Fort

Walker, Col. J. A., C. S. A.

II, 407

Walker, Brig. Gen. John G., C. S. A.

Walker, L. Pope

Walton, Col. Jas. B., C. S. A.

II, 464

Warner, Rev. Thomas

I, 71, 79

Warnery, Anecdotes

I, 73

Warren, Admiral Sir John

I, 16n


Warrenton Junction

I, 449

Warrenton Springs Ford

Warwick River

II, 18, 21

Washington and Lee University

I, 646

Washington College

I, 351

Washington, D. C.

threatened, II, 38, 94‑5, 299, 310, 502‑4

Washington, George

Washington, Lt. Col. John A., C. S. A.

Washington, Lewis W.

I, 399‑400

Washington, Martha

I, 92, 109; II, 252

Washington Star, Theº

I, 439

Washington, Maj. Thornton A., C. S. A.

I, 640‑1; II, 234‑5

Washington Union, The

I, 290


II, 76, 204

Waterloo Bridge

II, 303

Watson, Gen.

I, 251

Watson, Fort

I, 3

Watt, Mrs.

II, 145‑6, 157

Webster, Daniel

I, 460

Weir, Robert W.

I, 320

Welch, Surgeon S. G., C. S. A.

II, 412, 498

Welcher, Capt.

Welcker, Capt. George L.

I, 294, 290


II, 76

West house

II, 204

West Point Military Academy

I,  38‑85, 88, 103‑4, 190‑2, 205, 296, 300, 309‑12, 316‑59, 363, 456‑7, 556‑7; II, 419, 542; described, I, 48‑53, 55‑60, 71, 319; Lee as superintendent, I, 316‑59, 518
on the Web: USMA

West Virginia

State formed, I, 602

Western Virginia

hostility to the South, I, 502‑4, 519, 523, 529, 532‑3, 541‑2, 558, 579‑602

Westminster Review

I, 72


I, 503

Wheeling Intelligencer, The

I, 559

"Whiskey Boys' Rebellion"

I, 9, 169

Whistler, Mrs. Geo. W.

I, 334‑5

Whistler, James McNeill

White Oak Swamp

White Sulphur Springs

Whiting, Fabius

I, 118

Whiting, Maj. Gen. W. H. C., C. S. A.

Whitlock house

II, 186

Wickham, Charlotte

Wickham homestead

II, 255

Wilbourn, Capt. R. E., C. S. A.

II, 532‑5, 550

Wilcox, Gen. Cadmus M., C. S. A.


Wilkinson, Gen.

I, 131

William and Mary (rulers)

I, 168

William, Prince

I, 162

Williams, "Markie"

Williams, Capt. Seth

I, 320, 327, 331


I, 528; II, 46; Battle, II, 44

Willis Church road

Wilmer, Bishop J. P. B.

I, 79

Wilmer, Joseph

I, 79

Winchester, Va.

Winder, Camp

II, 43

Winder, Gen. Chas. S., C. S. A.

II, 216, 478

Winder, Lt. John H.

I, 70

Winter quarters described

Lee's, II, 485

Wise-Floyd differences

I, 579‑95

Wise, Gen. Henry A., C. S. A.

Wise, Col. Jennings C.

II, 209

Wise, John

I, 21

Wise's Legion

Wofford, Brig. Gen. W. T., C. S. A.

II, 91, 528, 545, 554

Wolseley, Field Marshal Lord

II, 233, 420

Wood, Cadet

I, 311

Wool, Brig. Gen. John E.

Wool, Fort (formerly Fort Calhoun)

I, 102‑3

Worth, Gen. William J.

Wright, Gen. Ambrose R., C. S. A.

York River


I, 355‑6, 508; II, 10, 16‑18, 21, 23, 41‑5, 240; evacuated, II, 43

Young, Maj. H. E., C. S. A.

I, 642‑3


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