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This webpage reproduces part of
From the Mississippi
to the Sea

Admiral Robert E. Coontz

published by
Dorrance & Company

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though,
please let me know!

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This site is not affiliated with the US Naval Academy.

 p478  Appendix (A)

Roster of
Members of the Class of 1885,
United States Naval Academy

1. John Cowan Atwood
2. Harrison Augustus Bispham
3. Henry Davis Blake
4. James Thomas Bootes
5. Harry Lansdale Boyd
6. Albert Burnstine (Dead)
7. Volnay Ogle Chase (Dead)
8. Harry Dent Clark (Dead)
9. Robert Edward Coontz
10. Charles Mason Corpening
11. James Alfred Pearce Crisfield
12. William W. Culver (Dead)
13. Julius Mathias Dashiell
14. James Sherlock Davis
15. John Charles Philip deKrafft
16. Albert Christian Dieffenbach
17. Arthur Henry Dutton (Dead)
18. Edward Walter Eberle (Dead)
19. Webster Appleton Edgar
20. George Robert Evans
21. Walker Waller Joynes (Dead)
22. Theodore Cornell Fenton (Dead)
23. Louis Duane Ferries (Dead)
24. Harry Friedlander (Dead)
25. Robert Edward Lee Gibson (Dead)
26. William Wirt Gilmer
27. Robert Beecher Howell
28. Benjamin Jacobs
29. James Wesson Kittrell
30. George Washington Kline (Dead)
31. Jason Gordon Lamison
32. Thomas Pryor Ledbetter (Dead)
33. James Joseph Livingood
34. Benjamin M. Lombard (Dead)
35. Charles K. Luzenberg (Dead)
36. Harry Herrick McCord
37. Charles Monod McCormick
38. James Francis McCusker (Dead)
39. John Patrick McGuinness (Dead)
40. William McKay
41. William Gardner Miller (Dead)
42. Harry Boone Mulford (Dead)
43. David Small Nes (Dead)
44. James Ralph Pagin
45. George S. Pentz
46. Samuel Ellis Pitner
47. Charles Carroll Poe (Dead)
48. Frank G. Raichle
49. Leonidas L. Robinson (Dead)
50. Robert Lee Russell
51. Armistead Rust
52. Frederick Homer Sargent (Dead)
53. William Sanders Scott (Dead)
54. William Shields (Dead)
55. James Edward Shindel (Dead)
56. Richard Trenton Shipley (Dead)
57. Thomas Bog Slade
58. Albert Brown Sloan
59. George Ralph Slocum (Dead)
60. Charles Semmes Stanworth
61. John Warren Stearns
62. Charles W. Stebbins
63. Joseph Strauss
64. Glennie Tarbox
65. John Godwin Tawresey
66. David Watson Taylor
67. George Boyce Tennant
68. Alexander Thompson (Dead)
69. Edward Woodruff Tilden
70. Henry B. Treadway (Dead)
71. Preston Henry Uberroth
72. Jerome VanKeuren
73. Louis Edwin Warfield
74. John W. Wood (Dead)
75. Benjamin Wright (Dead)

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