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This webpage reproduces part of
From the Mississippi
to the Sea

Admiral Robert E. Coontz

published by
Dorrance & Company

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 p483  Appendix (D)

Skeleton Diet (880 calories)

Morning: 1 cup (250 C.C.) coffee or tea, with 1 tablespoon (15 C.C.) milk; 1 small slice (50 g.) brown bread, or ½ slice (30 g.) white bread.

Forenoon: 1 small orange or 1 small apple, or similar amount of other fresh fruit.

Noon: 2 slices (250 g.) roast meat; 2 portions (200 g.) green vegetables, boiled; a little fruit.

Afternoon: ½ cup (125 C.C.) coffee, with 1 tablespoon (15 C.C.) milk.

Evening: 1 slice (100 g.) meat, or a little chicken or fish; 1 portion (100 g.) green vegetables; ½ slice brown bread (25 g.); 1 cup tea (if desired).

At Bedtime: A little raw fruit.

Accessory Diet (each portion 100 calories)

20 g. roast beef; 200 g. oysters; 40 g. white bread, graham bread or rye bread; 20 g. Zwieback; 12½ g. butter; 20 g. Swiss cheese; 25 g. sugar; 100 g. potatoes; 30 g. rice, peas, beans, or buckwheat; 20 g. flour; 200 g. apples; 150 g. apple sauce; 500 g. cranberries; 150 g. milk; 150 g. wine; 30 g. brandy or whiskey.

Accessory Diet of Filling Foods of Low Caloric Value

100 g. cooked asparagus  43 calories
100 g. cooked green beans  20 calories
100 g. cooked green peas 108 calories
100 g. cooked tomatoes  20 calories
100 g. cooked spinach  52 calories
100 g. cooked turnips  40 calories

This diet goes with a walk of three miles each day at one time.

The loss in weight is one pound daily.

After the desired weight is attained the diet will be made three times the skeleton diet above named and changes can be made to suit.

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