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Book II, Chapter 14

Location of Lower Pannonia
(from the Fifth Map of Europe)

Thayer's Note: Stevenson's "translation" of Ptolemy, to which this page belongs, is abysmally bad. It should not be used for any serious purpose. For details and correctives, see my Ptolemy homepage.

Lower Pannonia is terminated on the west by Upper Pannonia from that point where the Arabus river flows into the Danube, forming those borders to which we have referred; on the south by Illyria which extends from the indicated terminus as far as the bend in the Danube near which the Save river empties into it,

the location of which is in 45*00 44°30

It is bounded on the north by that eastern part of the Danube river which is near the mouth of the Arabus and which flows into it, and as far as the mouth of the Save river, the description of this part of which is the following:

after the Arabus river the bend near Curta inº 42*00 47°00
the bend of the Danube river farthest north 42*30 48°00

where a river empties into it, which flowing toward the east through both Pannonias, takes its rise in two rivers coming down from the Cetius mountains which unite near Carrodunum, the more northern is the Savarias,

the southern is called the Drave 44*20 45°40
there is a bend in the Danube river near Cornacum 44*20 45°15
a bend near Acumineumº 45*00 45°20
a bend near Rittium 45*30 45°00

where the Save river flows into the Danube, coming from the Cetius mountains running through both Pannonias first northward

then eastward 45*00 44°30

The western parts of this province toward the north the Amantini inhabit, below these are the Hercuniates, then the Andiantes, then the Breuci; the eastern part toward the north the Aravisci inhabit, and toward the south are the Scordisci.

Below the Danube river are the towns

Curta 42*00 47°00
Solva 42*30 47°30
Carpis 42*30 47°50
Aquincum 43*00 47°30
Salinum 43*30 47°00
Lussonium 43*45 46°45
Lugionum 44*00 46°30
Teutoburgium 44*15 45°40
Cornacum 44*20 45°15
Acumineum, legio 45*00 45°20
Rittium 45*30 45°00
Taururum 45*00 44°30

Remote from the river are

Berbis 42*00 46°00
Serbinum 41*20 46°30
Jouballum 42*20 46°00
Certissa 42*20 45°20
Mursella 43*00 46°00
Cibalis 43*00 45°30
Marsonia 43*00 45°00
Vacontium 43*30 46°30
Mursia colonia 43*30 45°45
Sallis 44*00 44°40
Bassiana 44*30 44°50
Tarsium 44*30 44°35
Sirmium 44*50 45°00

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