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Book II, Chapter 9

Location of Narbonensis Gallia
(Third Map of Europe)

Thayer's Note: Stevenson's "translation" of Ptolemy, to which this page belongs, is abysmally bad. It should not be used for any serious purpose. For details and correctives, see my Ptolemy homepage.

The borders of Narbonensis are contiguous with the neighboring provincial tribes, which have been described; from the remaining, those which are on the east, are terminated by the western part of the Alps from the Adulas mountains to the mouth of the Varus river,

the location of which is in 27*30 43°00

The south is terminated by the remaining part of the Pyrénées mountains extending from the boundary of Aquitania as far as the summit of the mountains at the inner sea, where there is a Temple of Venus, and by the Gallic sea to the mouth of the Varus river. The shores of this sea are thus described:

after the Temple of Venus 20*20 42°20
mouth of the Illeris river 21*00 42°40
mouth of the Ruscionis river 21*15 42°45
mouth of the Atagis river 21*30 42°45
mouth of the Orobis river 21*45 42°45
mouth of the Araurus river 22*00 42°50
Agatha town 22*15 42°50
Setius mountain 22*30 42°30
Mariana Trenches [ no, not the ones you're thinking of, which are in the Pacific Ocean! ] 22*40 42°40
mouth of the Rhodanus river toward the west 22*50 42°40
eastern mouth of the Rhodanus river 23*00 42°50
Where below Lugdunum the river turns toward the Alps 23*00 45°15
That part of it near the lake which is called Lemanus is in 27*15 45°15

Of the rivers which unite with this, in that part which is toward the north from Lugdunum are the Arar and the Dubis,

the sources of the Arar flowing from the Alps are located in 28*40 44°40
the Dubis river below this is in 28*30 44°30

These rivers flow toward the north from the Alps, then turn toward the west,

and the junction is in 25*20 45°30
they flow into the Rhodanus river 24*00 45°30

In that part, which is south of the town Vienna, are the Isar river and the Druentia river, coming from the Alps;

the sources of the Isar river are in 28*00 44°00
the source of the Druentia is in 28*00 43°45
The junction of the Isar with the Rhodanus is in 22*40 44°00
and with the Druentia is in 22*40 43°50

On the sea, next to the Rhodanus, are

the Avatici

Maritime city, colonia 23*30 43°05
mouth of the Caenus river 23*45 43°00

the Comani

Massilia city 24*30 43°05
Tauroentium 24*50 42°50
Citharistes promontory 25*00 42°30
Olbia town 25*10 42°45
mouth of the Argentus river 25*40 42°45
Forum Julii colonia 26*30 42°50

the Deciati

Antipolis 27*00 43°00
mouth of the Varus river 27*30 43°00

The Volcae Tectosages inhabit the extreme west of Narbonensis, whose inland towns are

Illiberis 19*45 43°15
Ruscinon 20*00 43°30
Tolosa colonia 20*10 44°15
Cessero 21*15 44°00
Carcaso 21*00 43°15
Baetirae 21*30 43°30
Narbon colonia 21*30 43°15

Next to these, extending as far as the Rhodanus river, are the Volcae Arecomici, whose inland towns are

Vindomagus 21*30 44°30
Nemausum colonia 22*00 44°30

To the east of the Rhodanus, and in the extreme north, are the Allobroges below the Medulli whose town is

Vienna 23*00 45°00

Below these toward the west are the Segallauni, whose town is

Velentia colonia 23*00 44°30

Toward the east are the Tricastini whose town is

Noeomagus 26*30 45°00

Then below the Segallauni are the Cavari, whose towns are

Acusion colonia 23*00 44°15
Avennion colonia 23*00 44°00
Arausion 24*00 44°30
Cabellion colonia 24*00 44°00

Below these are the Salyes whose towns are

Taruscon 23*00 43°40
Glanum 23*30 43°30
Arelatum colonia 22*45 43°20
Aqua Sextia colonia 24*30 43°20
Ernaginum 24*00 43°30

Below the Tricastini are the Voconti, whose town is

Vasion 26*00 44°30

Below these are the Memini, and their town is

Forum Neronis 25*40 44°15

Below these are the Elycoci, and their town is

Albaugusta 26*00 43°20

Toward the east of the Voconti and Memini are the Senti, whose town is

Dinia 27*10 44°20

Below Narbonensis are islands,

the Agatha, in the region near the city of this name which is located in 22*30 42°10
and next to this Blasco in 22*30 42°20

The Stoechades, five in number, are below Citharistes

the middle of which is in 25*00 42°15

Below the Varus river is

the island Lerone 27*45 42°15

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