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History of Brazil

For a couple of years the resources listed here constituted a somewhat curious beginning, in which the history of this largest Portuguese-speaking nation in the world was very largely represented by its Dutch history. I've repaired that, and the reader will find a rather well-known history of Brazil onsite as well.

[image ALT: A small map of Brazil; on this site, the image serves to indicate the subsite consisting of João Pandiá Calógeras' book 'Formação Histórica do Brasil'.]

João Pandiá Calógeras' Formação Histórica do Brasil (in Portuguese) is a history of Brazil from the early voyages of European discovery thru to the author's own time. It could well have been titled more explicitly, "The Forging of the Brazilian National Identity".

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[image ALT: A rectangular field of three equal horizontal stripes; the central stripe bears a monogram that can be described as the three letters DID, the first D of which is reversed, and the I of which is connected to each D by a diagonal stroke from the middle of the I to the top of the downstroke of the D. The flag was that of Nieuw Holland — the Dutch outposts in northern Brazil — and serves to represent the section of my site on the history of Dutch Brazil and Guyana.]

And the Dutch did come close to great success in Brazil, with fifty years of vigorous colonization in the northern region; as it is, they did retain part of neighboring Guiana for over three hundred years. My pages on the History of Dutch Brazil and Guyana — most of them for now reproducing articles from the pen of a single author, George Edmundson (one of the most cited authorities on the topic) — trace the course of events from the initial conquests by the Dutch to their final withdrawal.

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[image ALT: A stylized line drawing of a World War I biplane against some cumulus clouds. Taken from the binding of the hardcover book, it serves as the icon on this site for the book 'The First Yale Unit'.]

The early days of Brazilian military aviation are told, if sketchily and with the barely muted arrogance of a foreign writer, in Chapter 26 of The First Yale Unit.

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Among the journal articles collected in my American History Notes section, two others are relevant to purely Brazilian history:

The Influence of the United States on the Opening of the Amazon to the World's Commerce

Varnhagen and His Historia Geral do Brasil

[ 10/27/11: 19 printed pages
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[image ALT: A flag-like design, the main field of which bears a horizontal lozenge most of which is taken up by a celestial globe with an inscribed band at the equator (the flag of Brazil); to the left of this main field, a vertical band bearing three stylized castles. This design serves to represent the section of my site on the history of Brazil.]

The field of the icon I use for this subsite is the current Brazilian flag, now over a hundred years old, to which I've added a strip of gold castles on a red background, a prominent feature of the arms of Portugal and of the various flags of Brazil thru three hundred years before that. The gentle reader should not be led astray by the assemblage: it's my own graphic and has never, to my knowledge, served as an actual flag.

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