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Bill Thayer

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Canadian Naval History

This page is purely utilitarian, collecting the items on my site that deal in one way or other with the Royal Canadian Navy; for now, just two — a book and an interesting pamphlet:

Victor F. Longstaff's Esquimalt Naval Base is a thorough, dense sourcebook for the history of Canada's Pacific Coast base thru 1939, detailing the history of the Pacific Station under the Royal Navy and its successor the Royal Canadian Navy, and cataloguing the principal events, the ships, and the commanders.

[ 189 pages of print
presented in 16 webpages; 13 illustrations ]

[image ALT: A sketch of a person in a diving suit emerging from stylized waves. The image serves as the icon on my site for a Canadian Royal Navy pamphlet on the History of Diving.]

At some point in the second half of the twentieth century, the Navy's Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic) printed a short pamphlet to serve as orientation to the History of Diving, reaching back to the ancient Greeks and forward to the then latest submersibles in service in the Royal Canadian Navy. It's interesting; I've annotated it a bit.

[ 1/17/22: 3 pages of print, 11 images  ]

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The icon I use to indicate this subsite is the fouled anchor and eagle found on the field of the flag of the Royal Canadian Navy.

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