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History of Canada

This is not a complete site on the history of Canada, and will probably never be one; but it seems convenient to collect on a single orientation page the Canadian material I have onsite. For now, two books:

[image ALT: A portrait three-quarters right, from an oil painting, of an intelligent-looking man in his thirties with tousled hair, who wears a greatcoat (barely distinguishable) and a high scarf entirely concealing his neck. It is a cropped version of the portrait of the explorer Alexander Mackenzie by Lawrence; on this site it serves as the icon for Mark S. Wade's book 'Mackenzie of Canada'.]

In two separate explorations in the last decade of the eighteenth century, Scotsman Sir Alexander Mackenzie was the first European to cross the wilds of Canada down the river now named for him, to its mouth in the Arctic Ocean; and, more importantly for the future history of Canada, the first also to cross the North American continent north of Mexico. Mark Wade's Mackenzie of Canada chronicles those explorations, with much good background on the North American fur trade, and gives details of his life before and after his Canadian period.

[ 7/27/16: 322 pages of print
presented in 22 webpages; 9 photos, 4 maps ]

[image ALT: An angular and tentacular shape against a plain background. It is a schematic outline map of the current Canadian armed forces base at Esquimalt; on this site it serves as the icon for Frederick V. Longstaff's book 'Esquimalt Naval Base'.]

Victor F. Longstaff's Esquimalt Naval Base is a thorough, dense sourcebook for the history of Canada's Pacific Coast base thru 1939, detailing the history of the Pacific Station under the Royal Navy and its successor the Royal Canadian Navy, and cataloguing the principal events, the ships, and the commanders.

[ 189 pages of print
presented in 16 webpages; 13 illustrations ]

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