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History of Alabama

Alabama figures prominently in several events in American history onsite, such as the battles between the Creek and the European settlers during the War of 1812 (Beirne, The War of 1812, pp232‑249); but for the moment, the only exclusively Alabamian item onsite is this:

[image ALT: An engraving of a heroic scene of men in 19c French Army uniforms wielding hatchets and such against a rural backdrop. Taken from an engraving illustrating the article 'French Military Adventurers in Alabama 1818‑1828', it serves as the icon for it on this site.]

French Military Adventurers in Alabama 1818‑1828, a 36‑page article written as a Newcomen Address in 1937, traces the story of the French Napoleonic refugees who came to the Territory to found the Vine and Olive Settlement at Aigleville near Demopolis — and possibly use it as a base for rescuing Napoleon from St. Helena and setting up a Bonapartist empire in the New World.

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The icon I use to indicate this subsite: the flag of the State of Alabama, of course.

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