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November 7

This webpage reproduces a section of
The Collected Works
of Ducrot Pepys

Ronan C. Grady

Newburgh, N. Y., 1943

The text is in the public domain.

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and I believe it to be free of errors.
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December 5
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 p33  November 21, 1941 . . . .

Monday. My other wife who has been getting a yogi course in the mail of late has taken to getting up a few minutes after five, facing east, and announcing in a loud voice that he is glad for here is another day in which to excel. Then he breathes deeply until reveille, all the while making a noise like a mouse in the Spring. He is going to stop this sooner than he thinks, much sooner. We go on the Notre Dame trip Saturday. My sane wife is already in a mild frenzy. This week is going to be a darb. Today in Philosophy I caught my slide-rule moving by itself. I was not hysterically amused.

[image ALT: A drawing of a man wearing turban on which can be read the word 'HOTEL', and a T‑shirt and long trousers held up by suspenders; he faces us, kneeling with his legs apart, and both arms stretched rigidly forward, index and middle fingers extended to the floor and the other fingers folded back. On the wall behind him, a small whisk broom. A shoe — with a hole in the sole — and a bayonet fly thru the air to his left. It is a cartoon of a West Point cadet who has discovered yoga.]

"Then he breathes deeply until reveille."

Tuesday. This morning my other wife got up at 5:07, began breathing deeply at 5:08, and was put back to bed not breathing at all at 5:10. However his powers of recuperation are immense and he made reveille albeit complaining about having to open his eyes by hand. Winter and military calisthenics come on apace. My corpuscles at the first cold snap give vent to shrieks of alarm and scurry off and hide someplace leaving me to operate on pure momentum for several months. The authorities are going to be surprised when they start these military calisthenics and I go into a decline like a power dive.

Wednesday. I prefer to believe that I dreamed this day.

Thursday. Only two days until the game and trip. I do not know what my other wife's plans are but as he attempted to draw ten rounds today I suspect them.

Friday. My other wife was C. C. Q. today. Evidently in a jocular mood he turned in absentee slips which simply stated "Dead, wounded, and missing absent." This is not the wisest thing he has ever done. We leave tomorrow and my sane wife has been in a swivet all day. However, he saved us the trouble of beating him to sleep by being taken by some sort of a seizure. At present he is in bed twitching slightly and frothing at the mouth. I do hope he does not die as I can think of no place to hide a body.

Saturday. Here we go, laughing and scratching.

Sunday. Arose this morning feeling rather tired. My teeth seem to have broken out a set of individual Angora sweaters. The trip and game were excellent. I had a frantically enjoyable time and saw many of the historical landmarks of New York. My sane wife keeps searching through his belongings for a marriage license.

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