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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1806

Vol. I

(Born Vt.)

Alden Partridge​a

(Ap'd Vt.)

Born Feb. 12, 1785, Norwich, VT.

Military History. — Cadet of the Military Academy, Dec. 14, 1805, to Oct. 30, 1806, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

First Lieut., Corps of Engineers, Oct. 30, 1806.

 p70  Served: at the Military Academy, 1806‑11, 1812‑17, as Asst. Professor

(Captain, Corps of Engineers, July 23, 1810)

of Mathematics, Nov. 4, 1806, to June 5, 1811, — as Principal Asst. Professor of Mathematics, Apr. 29, 1812, to Apr. 13, 1813, — as Professor of Mathematics, Apr. 13, 1813, to Sep. 1, 1813, — as Professor of Engineering, Sep. 1, 1813, to Dec. 31, 1816, — and in command during the absence

(Professor of Mathematics, Military Academy, Apr. 13, 1813)

(Professor of Engineering, Military Academy, Sep. 1, 1813)

of the Superintendent,​b Jan. 3, 1815, to Nov. 25, 1816, and from Jan. 13, 1817, to July 28, 1817.

Resigned, Apr. 15, 1818.

Civil History. — Principal of Exploring Survey, under the 5th Article of the Treaty of Ghent, 1819. Founded Military Schools at Norwich, Vt., 1820, — Middletown, Ct., 1825, — Norwich University, Vt., 1835, — Portsmouth, Va., 1840, — Pembroke, N. H., 1847, — Harrisburg, Pa., 1850, — and Brandywine Springs, Del., 1853. Employed for many years in instructing the Militia of the Western States. Surveyor-General of Vermont, 1822. Member of the Legislature of Vermont, 1833, 1834, 1837, and 1839. Degree of A. M. conferred by Dartmouth College, N. H., 1812.

Died, Jan. 17, 1854 at Norwich, Vt.: Aged 69.

Buried, Fairview Cemetery, Norwich, VT.

Thayer's Notes:

a Captain Partridge was a first cousin of his classmate Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.William Partridge.

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b This bland phrase puts a mild construction on what really happened, in which Partridge proved to be an influence seriously disruptive to the young Academy, and had to be dealt with very sharply. The details are thoroughly aired by Waugh, West Point: chapter 4 passim and especially pp52‑53; almost all of chapter 5; chapter 6, p79.

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