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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1851

Vol. II

(Born Me.)

James Curtiss​a

(Ap'd Ill.)


Born Mar. 20, 1831, Eastport, ME.​b

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1847, to July 1, 1851, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Bvt. Second Lieut., 2d Infantry, July 1, 1851.

Served: in garrison at Fts. Columbus and Wood, New York Harbor, 1851‑52; on frontier duty at San Diego, Cal., 1852, — Ft. Yuma, Cal.,

(Second Lieut., 2d Infantry, Jan. 30, 1852)

1852, — Scouting, 1852, — and Rancho de Jurupa, Cal., 1852‑54; on Recruiting service, 1854; in garrison at Carlisle Barracks, Pa., 1854‑55; and on frontier duty on Sioux Expedition, 1855, — Ft. Pierre, Dak., 1855,

(First Lieut., 2d Infantry, Mar. 3, 1855)

— and Cantonment Miller, Min., 1855‑56.

Resigned, Jan. 15, 1857.

Civil History. — Civil Engineer and Contractor at West Urbana and Chicago, Ill., 1857‑61.

Military History. — Re-appointed in the U. S. Army with the rank of

First Lieut., 15th Infantry, May 14, 1861.

Served during the Rebellion of the Seceding States, 1861‑66: on Commissary duty in the Defenses of Washington, D. C., and in the Manassas Campaign, June to Dec., 1861; in establishing Forage Depots between

(Captain, 15th Infantry, Oct. 25, 1861)

Lebanon and Columbia, Ky., Dec., 1861, to Feb., 1862; in the Tennessee Campaign (Army of the Ohio), Feb. 23 to Apr. 27, 1862, being engaged in the Battle of Shiloh, Apr. 7, 1862, where he was wounded; on sick leave of absence, disabled by wound, Apr. 8 to May 25, 1862; in Major-General Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.Buell's Operations (Army of the Ohio), May 25 to Nov., 1862, being engaged in the Siege of Corinth, Mis., May 25‑30, 1862, — Movement through North Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky, June to Sep., 1862, — and Advance into Kentucky, Oct., 1862, in Pursuit of the Rebels under General Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.Bragg, being engaged in several Skirmishes;  p462 as Acting Asst. Inspector-General on the Staff of Major-General Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.Rosecrans, commanding the Army of the Cumberland, in the Tennessee Campaign, Dec. 8, 1862, to May 5, 1863, being engaged in the Battle of Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862, to Jan. 3, 1863; as Disbursing Officer in the office of the Provost Marshal General at Washington, D. C., May 5 to Aug., 1863; as Mustering and Disbursing Officer in the War Department, Aug., 1863, to May, 1864; in the Invasion of Georgia (Army of the Cumberland), June 14 to Aug. 7, 1864, being engaged in the Action at Big Shanty, June 16, 1864, — Battle of Kenesaw Mountain, June 27, 1864, — Action at Neal Dow Station, July 3‑4, 1864, — Actions of Peach Tree Creek, July 12 and 20, 1864, — and Siege of Atlanta, July 22 to Aug. 7, 1864, when he was wounded in front of the place; on sick leave of absence, disabled by wound, Aug.‑Sep., 1864; and on Ordnance

(Bvt. Major, Sep. 1, 1864, for Gallant and Meritorious Services
at the Battle of Shiloh, Ten., and during the Atlanta Campaign)

duty at Nashville Depot, Ten., Sep. 15, 1864, to June 9, 1865; on Recruiting service, Aug. 11, 1865, to Jan. 31, 1866; and in command of company at Ft. Adams, R. I., Feb.‑Mar., 1866.

Served: in garrison at Mobile Harbor, Ala., Mar., 1866, to Apr., 1868; — Selma, Ala., Apr. 30 to Aug., 1868, — and at Jefferson, Tex., Aug. to Oct., 1868; as Acting Assistant Inspector-General, headquarters of Fifth Military District, Oct. 3, 1868, to Mar. 1, 1869; on frontier duty at Nacogdoches, Tex., Apr. 2 to May 13, 1869; before a Military Commission at Jefferson, Tex., May to July, 1869; on frontier duty near

(Unassigned, Aug. 12, 1869)

Ft. Concho, Tex., to Aug. 21, 1869; as Acting Assistant Inspector-General of Fifth Military District, to Apr., 1870, — and of Department of

(Assigned to 3d Cavalry, Dec. 15, 1870)

Texas, to Feb. 22, 1871; on frontier duty at Camp Halleck, Nev., Feb. to May, 1871, — Camp McDowell, Ara., Aug. to Dec., 1871, Ft. McPherson, Neb., Jan. 17, 1872, to Jan. 2, 1873, — and at St. Louis Depot, Mo., Jan. 6 to Sep. 16, 1873; on sick leave of absence, Sep. 16, 1873, to May 17, 1876.

Major, 10th Cavalry, May 31, 1875.

Retired from Active Service, May 17, 1876,
for Disability contracted in the Line of Duty.

Died, Jan. 19, 1878, at Chicago, Ill.: Aged 46.

Buried, Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL.

Thayer's Notes:

a His last name is spelled Curtis in Heitman's Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army as well as on his tombstone, q.v. (which may not necessarily be the original marker, however). The 1950 index to the Register lists him as Curtiss, James Jr. I am indebted for the heads‑up to Steven Maes.

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b Maj. Curtis' birth data are from his tombstone.

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