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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1852

Vol. II

(Born N. Y.)

Thomas Lincoln Casey​1

(Ap'd at Large)


Born: May 10, 1831, Sackett's Harbor, NY.

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1848, to July 1, 1852, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Bvt. Second Lieut., Corps of Engineers, July 1, 1852.

Served: at West Point, N. Y., attached to Company of Sappers, Miners, and Pontoniers, July‑Aug., 1852; as Asst. Engineer in the construction  p472 of Ft. Delaware and Works of Harbor and River Improvement in Delaware River and Bay, Dec. 2, 1852, to Aug. 28, 1854; at the

(Second Lieut., Corps of Engineers, June 22, 1854)

Military Academy, Aug. 28, 1854, to Aug. 31, 1859, as Asst. Instructor of Practical Engineering, and serving with Engineer Troops, Sep. 6, 1854,

(First Lieut., Corps of Engineers, Dec. 1, 1856)

to June 27, 1857, — and as Principal Asst. Professor of Engineering, June 27, 1857, to Aug. 31, 1859; in command of a Detachment of Engineer Troops in Washington Territory, Nov. 21, 1859, to Apr., 1861, and in charge of the construction of a Wagon Road from Vancouver to Cowlitz River, Or., and Selecting and Surveying Military Reservations on Puget Sound, 1860.

Served during the Rebellion of the Seceding States, 1861‑66: as Asst. Engineer, at Ft. Monroe, Va., on the Staff of the General Commanding the Department of Virginia, June 11 to Aug. 15, 1861; as Superintending

(Captain, Corps of Engineers, Aug. 6, 1861)

Engineer of the permanent Defenses and Field Fortifications upon the Coast of Maine, and on Recruiting service for Engineer Troops, Aug. 15, 1861, to July 25, 1866; on Special duty with the North Atlantic

(Major, Corps of Engineers, Oct. 2, 1863)

(Bvt. Lieut.‑Col., and Bvt. Colonel, Mar. 13, 1865,
for Faithful and Meritorious Services during the Rebellion)

Squadron, during the first Expedition to Ft. Fisher, N. C., Dec. 8‑29, 1864; as Member of Special Board of Engineers for work at Willet's Point, N. Y., Apr. 7 to June 20, 1865, — and for Forts Preble, Scammell, Knox, and Popham, Me., Aug., 1865, to Feb., 1866.

Served: on leave of absence, July 26, 1866, to Feb. 25, 1867; as Superintending Engineer of the construction of Fts. Preble and Scammel,º Portland Harbor, Me., Mar. 1 to Nov. 18, 1867; as Assistant to the Chief of Engineers, Nov. 18, 1867 (Inspection tours, Apr. to Oct., 1868) to

(Lieut.‑Colonel, Corps of Engineers, Sep. 2, 1874)

Jan. 2, 1879; as Superintending Engineer in charge of Public Buildings and Grounds, and certain Public Works in the District of Columbia, Mar. 3, 1877, to Apr. 1, 1881, — of the Potomac Aqueduct, Mar. 3, 1877, to Aug. 12, 1882, — of the construction of the Building for the State, War, and Navy Departments, Mar. 3, 1877, to May 31, 1888, — and of the completion of the Washington National Monument, June 25, 1878, to Apr. 4, 1888, and of Joint Commission to Oct. 2, 1888; as Member of Board to examine the effect on Portland Harbor, Me., of the works of a dry-dock company, Apr., 1868, — of Board to make contracts for Torpedo Cable, and to examine the systems of Torpedo Defense, adopted in Great Britain, Germany, Austria, and France, May 26 to Oct. 13, 1873, — and of Board to advise upon the Ventilation of the U. S. House of Representatives, Mar., 1877, to Mar., 1881, and Feb. 15, 1884, to Sep., 1866, and of various Improvements and Modifications of the Public Works in the District of Columbia, 1879‑88; in charge of erection of Monument over the grave of Jefferson, May 2, 1882, to Oct. 20, 1886, — at Washington's Headquarters at Newburg, N. Y., June 7, 1883, to Oct. 20, 1884, — and to

(Colonel, Corps of Engineers, Mar. 12, 1884)

mark the birthplace of Washington, Oct. 8, 1883, to Oct. 20, 1886; in charge of construction of the Medical Museum and Library, at Washington, D. C., Apr. 14, 1885, to Oct. 20, 1886, — and of the erection of Garfield Statue and Pedestal, July 2, 1885, to Oct. 20, 1886; as President of the Board of Engineers for Fortifications and other Public Works, at  p473 New York city, Nov. 1, 1886, to July 22, 1888; as Member of the Board of Visitors to the Engineer School of Application, Nov. 1, 1886, to July 22, 1888, — and of Board of Engineers on the construction of Bridges across the Arthur Kill, and Kill von Kull, New York Harbor, Feb.‑Mar., 1888; in command of the Corps of Engineers, and Supervision of the

(Brig.‑General, Chief of Engineers, July 6, 1888)

Engineer Department, July 6, 1888 to –––––; as Member of the Light-house Board, Apr. 10, 1884, to –––––; and in charge of the construction of the Congressional Library building, Oct. 2, 1888, to –––––.

Vol. IV
[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]

Military History. — Served: In command of the Corps of Engineers and in supervision of the Engineer Department, Washington, D. C., to May 10, 1895; in charge of the construction of the building for the Library of Congress. — Member of many boards of officers, etc., to March 25, 1896.

Retired from Active Service, he being 64 Years of Age, May 10, 1895.

 p84  Civil History. — Member of the National Academy of Sciences, and of many other scientific societies. — Officer of the Legion of Honor of France. — Member of the Society of the Cincinnati.

Died March 25, 1896, at Washington, D. C.: Aged 65.

Buried, Silas Casey Lot, North Kingstown, RI.

See Annual Association of Graduates, U. S. M. A., 1896, for an obituary notice, with a portrait.

The Author's Note:

1 Son of Bvt. Major-General Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.Silas Casey, Colonel of the 4th Infantry.

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