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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1817

Vol. I

(Born N. Y.)

Constant M. Eakin

(Ap'd N. Y.)

Constant Mathieu Eakin: Born 1799, France.​a

Military History. — Cadet of the Military Academy, Sep. 15, 1814, to July 17, 1817, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Third Lieut., Corps of Artillery, July 17, 1817.

Served: at the Military Academy as Principal Asst. Professor of Engineering, Sep. 20, 1817, to July 31, 1820; on Recruiting service, 1820;

(Second Lieut., Corps of Artillery, Mar. 20, 1818)

in garrison at Charleston harbor, S. C., 1820‑21; on Topographical duty,

(First Lieut., Corps of Artillery, May 13, 1820)

(First Lieut., 2d Artillery,
in Re-organization of Army, June 1, 1821)

 p167  Feb. 4, 1821, to Aug. 17, 1825; in garrison at New York harbor, 1825‑26; as Recorder of Tactics Board, 1826‑27; on Ordnance duty, Nov. 5, 1827, to Apr. 5, 1828; and in garrison at Ft. Monroe, Va., 1828.

Resigned, Oct. 27, 1828.

Civil History. — Assistant in the Geodetic Survey of the Atlantic Coast of the United States, Feb. 7, 1834, to Apr. 15, 1850. Civil Engineer, 1850‑61. Mayor of West Philadelphia, Pa., 1852 and 1853. President of West Philadelphia Gas Works, 1852‑53. Engineer of Belmont Plank Road and Gerard and Montgomery Avenues, Philadelphia Co., Pa., 1853‑55. Commissioner for Boundary Survey between Philadelphia and Montgomery counties, Pa., 1855. Superintendent of Repairs of the U. S. Mint, Philadelphia, Pa., 1856. President of West Philadelphia Railroad, 1857‑58.

Military History. — Served during the Rebellion of the Seceding States, 1861‑62: in making a Reconnoissance of the Susquehanna River, below Harrisburg, and country adjacent, to the head of Chesapeake Bay, Sep. 11 to Nov. 15, 1861; and in command of the 3d Regiment, Reserve Brigade, Pennsylvania Volunteers, in protecting Powder Mills near Wilmington, Del., Sep. 15‑30, 1862.

Civil History. — Civil Engineer at West Philadelphia, Pa., 1862‑69. Military Instructor in the Polytechnic College, Philadelphia, Pa., 1861‑69.

Died, Oct. 2, 1869, at West Philadelphia, Pa.: Aged 75.

Thayer's Note:

a Birth data from Roger D. Hunt, Colonels in Blue: Union Army Colonels of the Civil War . . ., p59, citing U. S. M. A. Cadet Application Papers, National Archives. The year of his birth is given as 1794 in Joe Albree, David C. Arney, and V. Frederick Rickey: A Station Favorable to the Pursuits of Science: Primary Materials in the History of Mathematics at the United States Military Academy, p111; the third-named co-author taught at the Academy and made ample use of those primary materials in the Academy Library (see his notes).

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