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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1857

Vol. II

(Born Mas.)

John C. Palfrey

(Ap'd Mas.)


John Carver Palfrey: Born Dec. 25, 1833, Cambridge, MA.

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1853, to July 1, 1857, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Bvt. Second Lieut., Corps of Engineers, July 1, 1857.

Served: as Assistant to the Board of Engineers for Atlantic Seacoast Defenses, 1857‑59; as Assistant in the repairs and construction of the

(Second Lieut., Corps of Engineers, Dec. 31, 1857)

Fortifications of Portland Harbor, Me., 1859‑60; and as Superintending Engineer of Fts. McClaryº and Constitution, N. H., and of Scammel, Gorges, Preble, and Knox, Me., 1860‑61.

Served during the Rebellion of the Seceding States, 1861‑66: as Asst. Engineer on the Defenses of Hampton Roads, Va., Apr. 24 to July 4, 1861; on sick leave of absence, July 4 to Oct. 27, 1861; as Asst. Engineer

(First Lieut., Corps of Engineers, Aug. 3, 1861)

at Ft. Monroe, Va., Oct. to Nov. 29, 1861; as Superintending Engineer of the construction of Fort at Ship Island, Mis., Dec. 23, 1861, to Jan. 5, 1863, being Acting Aide-de‑Camp to Brig.‑General Phelps, while occupying that island, and to Major-General Butler, till Dec. 24, 1862, and detached at Ft. Jackson and New Orleans, La., May 4‑22, 1862; in charge of the construction and repairs of the Fortifications about New Orleans, Jan. 5, 1863, to Oct. 5, 1865, — of the Field-works of the Department of the Gulf, Mar., 1863, to June, 1864, — of the Defenses of Pensacola, Fla.,

(Captain, Corps of Engineers, Mar. 3, 1863)

Dec., 1863, to Sep. 12, 1865, — and of Fort at Ship Island, Mis., Jan. 5, 1863, to Sep. 12, 1865; as Asst. Engineer, Department of the Gulf, Jan. 5, 1863, to May 7, 1864, being engaged in the Siege of Port Hudson, La., May 30 to July 8, 1863 (Senior Engineer, June 17 to July 8, 1863), — and in the Red River Campaign, Apr.‑May, 1864; as Asst. Engineer,  p675 Military Division of West Mississippi, Aug. 4, 1864, to Mar. 15, 1865, being engaged in the Siege of Ft. Gaines, Ala., Aug. 4‑8, 1864, — and Siege and Capture of Ft. Morgan, Ala. (as Senior Engineer), Aug. 9‑23,

(Bvt. Major, Aug. 23, 1864, for Meritorious and Distinguished Services during the Siege of Fts. Gaines and Morgan, Ala., and Especially the Latter, where he had Immediate Charge of the Location and Construction of the Siege Works)

1864; as Asst. Inspector-General, and Chief Engineer of 13th Army Corps, Mar. 15 to Aug. 1, 1865, being engaged in the Campaign of Mobile,

(Lieut.‑Colonel, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 15 to Aug. 1, 1865)

Mar. 20 to Apr. 12, 1865, participating in the Siege and Capture of

(Bvt. Lieut.‑Col., Mar. 26, 1865,
for Gallant and Meritorious Services in the Siege of Mobile, Ala.)

(Bvt. Colonel and Bvt. Brig.‑General, U. S. Army, Mar. 26, 1865,
for Gallant and Meritorious Services during the Rebellion)

Spanish Fort, Mar. 27 to Apr. 8, 1865, and Storming of Blakely, Apr. 9, 1865, — in Engineer Operations on the Tombigbee River and the Defenses of Mobile Harbor, Ala., Apr., 1865, — and in reconstructing the San Antonio and Mexican Gulf Railroad, Tex., May to Aug., 1865; and on leave of absence, Oct. 5, 1865, to May 1, 1866.

Resigned, May 1, 1866.

Civil History. — Superintendent of Merrimack Manufacturing Company, at Lowell, Mas., Oct. 23, 1865, to Sep. 1, 1874. Treasurer of the Manchester Mills, N. H., since July 1, 1874. Overseer of the Thayer School of Civil Engineering at Dartmouth College, N. H., since 1868. Degree of A. M. conferred by Harvard University, Mas., 1867. Residence, Boston, Mas.

Vol. IV
[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]

Civil History. — Treasurer in Boston, Mass., of Manchester Mills, of Manchester, N. H., July 1, 1874 to Oct. 26, 1891. — Vice-President North Webster Bank of Boston to 1892. — Treasurer Boston Pier or the Long Wharf, from Nov., 1893. — Member Massachusetts Military Historical Society, with occasional papers, and Φ Β Κ Society. — Senior Vice-Commander Massachusetts Loyal Legion, 1896. — Post-office address, Boston, Mass.

Vol. V
[Supplement, Vol. V: 1900‑1910]

Civil History. — Senior Vice-Commander Massachusetts Loyal Legion, 1896. — Member Massachusetts Historical Society. — Post-office address, Boston, Mass.

Died Jan. 29, 1906, at Boston, Mass.: Aged 72.

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