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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1860

Vol. II

(Born N. Y.)

Nicolas Bowen

(Ap'd N. Y.)


Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1855, to July 1, 1860, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Bvt. Second Lieut., Top. Engineers, July 1, 1860.

Served: as Asst. Top. Engineer, at the Headquarters of the Department of Texas, Oct. 3, 1860, to Mar. 27, 1861, when he was sent as Bearer of Dispatches to Washington, D. C.

Served during the Rebellion of the Seceding States, 1861‑66: in Defense of Washington, D. C., Apr. 12 to July 8, 1861; in Western Virginia

(Second Lieut., Top. Engineers, May 15, 1861)

Campaign, as Asst. Top. Engineer engaged in making Reconnoissances and fortifying positions, July 15, 1861, to Mar. 5, 1862; in the

(First Lieut., Top. Engineers, Aug. 6, 1861)

Virginia Peninsular Campaign, as Asst. Top. Engineer (Army of the  p739 Potomac), Mar. to Aug., 1862, being engaged on Reconnoissances to Bristoe and Catlett's Stations, Mar. 11‑17, 1862, — Siege of Yorktown, Apr. 5 to May 4, 1862, participating in the Action of Lee's Mills, Apr. 16, 1862, and several Skirmishes while reconnoitering, — Battle of Williamsburg, May 5, 1862, — Reconnoissance and Action near New

(Bvt. Captain, May 24, 1862,
for Gallant and Meritorious Services during the Reconnoissance near New Bridge, Va.)

Bridge, May 24, 1862, — Battle of Glendale, June 30, 1862, — Battle of Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862, — Skirmish near Harrison's Landing, July 2, 1862, — Action at Malvern Hill, Aug. 5, 1862, — and numerous Skirmishes while reconnoitering; in the Maryland Campaign, as Senior Top. Engineer of the Army of the Potomac, Sep. to Nov., 1862, being engaged in the Battle of South Mountain, Sep. 14, 1862, — Skirmish at Boonsborough, Sep. 15, 1862, — Battle of Antietam, and Reconnoissances in the vicinity, Sep. 16‑20, 1862, — and Skirmishes at Charlestown, Oct. 16, and at Barber's Cross-roads, Va., Nov. 5, 1862; in the Rappahannock Campaign (Army of the Potomac), Dec., 1862, to Feb., 1863, being engaged in the Battle of Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, 1862; as Asst. Adjutant-General, 6th Army Corps, Jan. 23 to Feb. 7, 1863, — of 9th Army Corps,

(Lieut.‑Colonel, Staff, U. S. Volunteers, Jan. 23, 1863, to July 3, 1865)

Feb. 7, 1863, to Apr. 20, 1864, — and of 18th Corps, Apr. 27, 1864, to

(Captain, Corps of Engineers, Mar. 3, 1863)

July 3, 1865; as Chief of Staff to General O. B. Wilcox, commanding District of Central Kentucky, Apr. 10 to June 7, 1863; with 9th Corps en route to the Siege of Vicksburg, being present at its surrender, July 4, 1863, — and at the Reoccupation of Jackson, Mis., July 16, 1862; in East Tennessee Campaign, being engaged in the Action of Blue Lick Springs, Oct. 10, 1863, — Skirmish near Sweet Waters, Oct. 26, and at Hough's Ferry, Nov. 14, 1863, — Combat of Campbell's Station, Nov. 16, 1863, — Defense of Knoxville, Nov. 17 to Dec. 4, 1863, — and Action of

(Bvt. Major, Nov. 29, 1863,
for Gallant and Meritorious Services during the Siege of Knoxville, Ten.)

Bean's Station, Dec. 14, 1863; in Operations on James River, near Bermuda Hundred, Va., May 5 to Oct. 3, 1864, being engaged in the Action of Swift's Creek, May 9, 1864, — Battle of Drury's Bluff, May 16, 1864, — Battles and Actions of Cold Harbor, — June 1‑11, 1864, — Assault of

(Bvt. Lieut.‑Col., June 3, 1864,
for Gallant and Meritorious Services in Action at the Battle of Cold Harbor, Va.)

Petersburg, June 15‑16, 1864, — Assault and Capture of Ft. Harrison, Sep. 29, 1864, — Siege of Petersburg, June 18 to Oct. 3, 1864, — and several Skirmishes; and as Asst. Engineer in the construction of the Defenses of Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 5 to Dec. 13, 1864; as Judge Advocate of Special Commission to investigate the Administration of Civil and Military Affairs in the Military Division of West Mississippi, Dec. 21, 1864, to Nov. 25, 1865.

Bvt. Colonel, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865,
for Gallant and Meritorious Services.

Bvt. Colonel, U. S. Army, Mar. 13, 1865,
for Gallant and Meritorious Services during the Rebellion.

Major, Corps of Engineers, Mar. 7, 1867.

Served: in charge of Engineer Agency at New York city, Dec. 6, 1865, to Jan. 27, 1869; as Superintending Engineer of the construction of the Defenses on the west of the Narrows entrance to New York Harbor, Dec. 12, 1865, to Apr. 4, 1866, — and of the Inner Defenses of  p740 New York Harbor, Aug. 21, 1866, to Jan. 27, 1869; awaiting orders, to May, 1869; as Superintending Engineer of the Harbor and River Improvements on Lake Ontario and on the St. Lawrence River, and repairs of Fts. Ontario and Niagara, to Nov. 23, 1870 (settling accounts to Jan., 1871), and Jan. 13‑27, 1871; as Member of Board of Engineers on Improvements of Oswego Harbor, N. Y., Mar., 1870; and Chief Engineer on the Staff of the Commanding General of the Pacific Division, to June 2, 1871, when ordered to his home.

Died, July 11, 1871, at Dorchester, Mas.: Aged 35.

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