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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1860

Vol. II

(Born R. I.)

Samuel T. Cushing

(Ap'd R. I.)


Samuel Tobey Cushing

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1855, to July 1, 1860, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Bvt. Second Lieut. of Infantry, July 1, 1860.

Served: on frontier duty at Ft. Defiance, N. M., 1860, — on Navajo Expedition, 1860‑61, — and on Signal duty at Santa Fé, N. M., 1861; and

(Second Lieut., 2d Infantry, Jan. 19, 1861)

in garrison in New York Harbor, 1861.

Served during the Rebellion of the Seceding States, 1861‑66: in the

(First Lieut., 2d Infantry, May 14, 1861)

Defenses of Washington, D. C., June‑July, 1861; in the Manassas Campaign  p761 of July, 1861, as Aide-de‑Camp to Colonel Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.Miles, being with the Reserve at the Battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861; as Acting Asst. Inspector-General on the Staff of General McDowell, July‑Aug., 1861; as Asst. Signal Officer,​a in charge of Camp of Instruction at Georgetown, D. C., Sep., 1861, to Mar., 1862; in charge of Signal Office at Washington,

(Captain, 2d Infantry, Feb. 15, 1862)

D. C., Mar. to Oct., 1862; as Chief Signal Officer of the Army of the Potomac, Oct., 1862, to May, 1863; as Asst. to Chief Signal Officer

(Captain, Staff — Commissary of Subsistence, Feb. 9, 1863)

at Washington, D. C., May to July, 1863; as Instructor of Signal duty at the Military Academy, June, 1863, to Jan., 1864; on Commissary duty at Chattanooga, Ten., Feb.‑Mar., 1864, — Nashville, Ten., Mar. to June, 1864, — Louisville, Ky., June to Oct., 1864, — Jeffersonville, Ind., Oct., 1864, to May, 1865, — Louisville, Ky., May‑June, 1865, — Evansville,

(Bvt. Major, Mar. 13, 1865,
for Faithful and Meritorious Services during the Rebellion)

Ind., June to Aug., 1865, — Vicksburg, Mis., Aug., 1865, to Mar., 1866, and Omaha, Neb., May‑June, 1866; and on sick leave of absence, June 13 to Aug. 20, 1866.

Served: as Chief of Commissariat, Department of the Platte, Aug. 23, 1866, to Mar., 1868, — of District of Texas, Fifth Military District, and Department of Texas, Mar. 26, 1868, to Jan. 3, 1873 (leave of absence and under orders to Oct., 1873), — and of District of New Mexico, Oct. 30, 1873, to Aug. 11, 1874 (sick leave of absence, to Nov. 28, 1874); as Purchasing and Depot Commissary, at Louisville, Ky., Nov. 30, 1874, to Aug., 1875; as Chief of Commissariat, Department of the South, Aug. 6, 1875, to Feb. 10, 1877; as Purchasing and Depot Commissary at San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 19, 1877, to Nov. 2, 1880 (temporarily on , Jan. 18 to July, 1878, and at Commissary Depot at Baker and Boisé Cities, Ida., to Sep. 16, 1878); as Chief Commissary of Subsistence of the Department of Columbia, and Purchasing and Depot Commissary at Vancouver Barracks, Wash., Nov. 6, 1880, to May 2, 1883; as Assistant to the Commissary-General, May 25, 1883, to May 26, 1884, being engaged in distributing food supplies to flood sufferers in Pennsylvania, Feb. 12 to Mar. 17, 1884; as Chief Commissary, Department of Texas, and Purchasing and Depot Commissary at San Antonio, Tex., May 29, 1884, to Aug. 19, 1889; as Chief Commissary, Department of

(Major, Staff — Commissary of Subsistence, Aug. 28, 1888)

the Missouri, and Purchasing and Depot Commissary at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., Aug. 21, 1889, to –––––.

Vol. IV
[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]

Military History. — Served: at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., to May 31, 1893; at Kansas City, Mo., to June 30, 1893; at Omaha, Neb., as Chief Commissary Department of the Platte, and also Depot and Purchasing Officer, July 9, 1893 to April 25, 1894. — On duty in office of Commissary-General of Subsistence, Washington, D. C., May 3, 1894

(Lieut.‑Colonel, Staff — Asst. Commissary-General, Nov. 11, 1895)

(Colonel, Staff — Asst. Commissary-General, Jan. 26, 1897)

(Brig.‑General, Staff — Commissary-General of Subsistence, Jan. 28, 1898)

to Jan. 4, 1898, and sick until

Retired from Active Service for disability in the line of duty, April 21, 1898.

Vol. V
[Supplement, Vol. V: 1900‑1910]

Military History. — Retired officer. — Residence, Washington, D. C.

Died July 21, 1901, at Washington, D. C.: Aged 62.

See Annual Association of Graduates, U. S. M. A., 1902, for an obituary notice, with a portrait.

Buried, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA.

Thayer's Note:

a One of the (absolutely inevitable) shortcomings in a massive biographical directory like Cullum's is that, the entries being much abbreviated, we are often left wondering what exactly these people did. By good fortune, Gen. Cushing was prevailed upon in his retirement to give a talk about his experiences in these very first days of the Army Signal Corps: it is lively and interesting reading.

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