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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1863

Vol. II

(Born Scotland)

Peter S. Michie

(Ap'd O.)


Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1859, to June 11, 1863, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

First Lieut., Corps of Engineers, June 11, 1863.

Served during the Rebellion of the Seceding States, 1863‑66: as Asst. Engineer in Operations against Charleston, S. C., June 29, 1863, to Jan. 16, 1864, comprising the construction of Batteries at north end of Folly Island, July 1‑10, 1863, — Descent upon Morris Island, July 10, 1863, — building Left Breaching Batteries against Ft. Sumter, Aug. 19‑31, 1863, — in charge of Siege Operations against Ft. Wagner, Sep. 1‑7, 1863, — repairing Fts. Wagner and Gregg, Sep. to Nov., 1863, — and erecting Defenses at Cole's Island, mouth of the Stono River, Nov., 1863;  p867 as Chief Engineer of the Northern District, Department of the South, Jan. 16 to Feb. 6, 1864, — and of the District of Florida, Feb. 6 to Apr. 13, 1864, being engaged in the Battle of Olustee, Feb. 20, 1864, — and in fortifying Jacksonville, Pilatka, and Yellow Bluff, St. John's River, Fla., Feb. to Apr., 1864; as Asst. Engineer, Army of the James, May 1 to Aug. 1, 1864, being engaged in the Skirmishes and Combat near Drury's Bluff, May 14‑16, 1864, and in constructing defensive works on the James River, May to Sep., 1864; as Chief Engineer, Army of the James and Department of Virginia and North Carolina, Aug. 1 to Dec. 2, 1864, being engaged in constructing bridges across the James River at Varina and Deep Bottom, Sep. 29, 1864, — Assault and Capture of Ft. Harrison, Sep. 29, 1864, — constructing line of works north of the James, and Dutch Gap Canal, Sep. 30 to Dec. 2, 1864; as Chief Engineer

(Bvt. Captain, and Bvt. Major, Oct. 28, 1864,
for Gallant and Meritorious Services
during the Campaign of 1864 against Richmond, Va.)

of the Army of the James and Department of Virginia, Dec. 2, 1864, to Mar. 30, 1865; as Asst. Inspector-General, 25th Army Corps,

(Bvt. Brig.‑General, U. S. Volunteers, Jan. 1, 1865, for Meritorious Services in 1864)

Mar. 23 to July, 1865; and in charge of all Engineer Operations of the Column on the left of the Army of the Potomac, at Hatcher's Run, and in Pursuit of the Rebel Army till the Capitulation of General Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.R. E. Lee at Appomattox C. H., Mar. 30 to Apr. 9, 1865.

Bvt. Lieut.‑Col., Apr. 9, 1865,
for Gallant and Meritorious Services during the Campaign terminating at Appomattox C. H., Va.

Served: in making Survey of the theatre of Operations about Richmond, Apr. 9, 1865, to Apr. 20, 1866; on leave of absence, Apr. 20, 1866,

(Captain, Corps of Engineers, Nov. 23, 1865)

to Apr. 20, 1867; at the Military Academy as Principal Asst. Professor of Engineering, Apr. 23, 1867, to Feb. 14, 1871, — Instructor of Practical Military Engineering, Military Signals, and Telegraphing, Aug. 31, 1867, to Feb. 14, 1871, — and Asst. Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology, Nov. 2, 1867, to Feb. 28, 1869; as Member of Commission to Europe to collect information on the Fabrication of Iron for Defensive Purposes in Coast Fortifications, June 29 to Nov. 22, 1870; and as Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, in the U. S. Military Academy, since Feb. 14, 1871.

Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, Military Academy, Feb. 14, 1871.

Civil History. — Member of the Board of Overseers of the Thayer School of Civil Engineering, Dartmouth College, N. H., since 1871. Degree of Ph. D. conferred by the College of New Jersey, July 10, 1871; and of M. A., by Dartmouth College, June 27, 1873. Author of "Elements of Wave Motion, relating to Sound and Light," 1882; of the "Life of General Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.Upton," 1885; of "The Personnel of Seacoast Defense," 1887; of "Elements of Analytical Mechanics," 1886‑87; and of "Elements of Hydro-Mechanics," 1888.

Vol. IV
[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]

Military History. — Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy at the U. S. M. A., West Point, N. Y., since Feb. 14, 1871.

Vol. V
[Supplement, Vol. V: 1900‑1910]

Military History. — Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy at the U. S. M. A., West Point, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1871 to Feb. 16, 1901.

Died Feb. 16, 1901, at West Point, N. Y.: Aged 62.

See Annual Association of Graduates, U. S. M. A., 1901, for an obituary notice, with a portrait.

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