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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1876

Vol. III

(Born N. J.)

James Parker

(Ap'd N. J.)


Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1872, to June 14, 1876, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Second Lieut., 4th Cavalry, June 15,º 1876.

Served: on frontier duty at Ft. Sill, I. T., Sep. 29, 1876, to Dec. 23, 1877, being engaged in Scouting, Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, 1876, conducting recruits to Ft. Sill, Jan. 21 to Feb. 11, 1877, in pursuit of horse-thieves, Apr. 23‑28, 1877, on leave of absence, May 29 to June 30, 1877, and on  p264 Escort duty, Nov. 3 to Dec. 1, 1877, — and Ft. Clark, Tex., Feb. 4, 1878, to Sep. 6, 1879, being engaged in Scouting, Feb. 4 to Mar. 1, 1878, on leave of absence, Apr. 15 to June 13, 1878, with Mackenzie's Expedition into Mexico, June 13‑28, 1878, and Scouting, June 28 to Sep. 23, 1878, Nov. 23 to Dec. 31, 1878, and April, July, and August, 1879; on leave of

(First Lieut., 4th Cavalry, July 23, 1879)

absence to Dec. 6, 1879; on frontier duty at Ft. Hays, Kan., and detached service to Mar. 30, 1880, — Ft. Garland, Col., to May 19, 1880, — Scouting, to Nov. 9, 1880, — Ft. Riley, Kan., to May 9, 1881, — Scouting, to Oct. 21, 1881, — Ft. Riley, Kan., to Nov. 13, 1881, — Ft. Wingate, N. M. (Scouting, May‑June, 1883, and on leave of absence, Aug. 27, 1883, to Jan. 16, 1884), to June 11, 1884, — Ft. Apache, Ara. (Scouting, May 17 to June 14, 1885, being engaged in the Fight of Devil's Creek, May 22, 1885), to Jan. 17, 1886, — Regimental Adjutant, Jan. 1 to June 16, 1886, — Ft. Huachuca, Ara., June 14, 1885 (Scouting, June to Sep., 1886), to June 3, 1888, — and Regimental Quartermaster, May 1, 1887, to Oct. 2, 1888; on leave of absence, June 3 to Sep. 22, 1888; awaiting orders, to

(Captain, 4th Cavalry, Oct. 2, 1888)

Oct. 2, 1888; and in garrison at Ft. Myer, Va., to –––––.

Vol. IV
[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]

Military History. — Served: In command of troop at Presidio of San Francisco, Cal., May, 1891 to Aug., 1894. — Acting Superintendent of the Sequoia National Park, under orders of the Secretary of the Interior, 1893 and 1894. — Instructor of Cavalry Tactics, U. S. M. A., and commanding detachment of cavalry, West Point, N. Y., Aug., 1894 to May, 1898. —Mustering‑in Officer, New York State troops, May, 1898.

(Major, 12th New York Volunteer Infantry, May 13, 1898)

(Lieut.‑Colonel, 12th New York Volunteer Infantry, Oct. 1, 1898)

— Inspector, 2d Brigade, 3d Division, 1st Army Corps, July, 1898; Inspector of Sanitation, camp of 1st and 3d Army Corps at Chickamauga, Ga., Aug., 1898. — Provost-Marshal, District of Matanzas, Cuba, Jan., Feb., 1898. — Served during Spanish-American war at Chickamauga, Ga., Lexington, Ky., Americus, Ga., and Matanzas, Cuba. — Provost-Marshal, Matanzas, Jan. 17 to Mar. 1, 1899. — Commanding U. S. forces at Cardenas, Cuba (Military Commander of the town), March 1 to March 21, 1899. — Left Cuba with regiment, March 22, 1899.

(Honorably mustered out of Volunteer Service, April 20, 1899)

— Served with troop at San Francisco, Cal., and Manila, P. I., June 9 to Aug. 20, 1899.

(Lieut.‑Colonel, 42d U. S. Volunteer Infantry, Aug. 17, 1899)

(Transferred to 45th U. S. Volunteer Infantry, Sept. 1, 1899)

— In action, commanding column, at the capture of San Mateo, P. I., Aug. 12, 1899; in action at Calamba, P. I., Oct. 3, 1899.

Vol. V
[Supplement, Vol. V: 1900‑1910]

Military History. — Served: In action at Calamba, P. I., Oct. 2, Oct. 3, Oct. 8 and Oct. 9, 1899; joined staff of Major General S. B. M. Young, commanding Provisional Cavalry Brigade, Oct. 22, 1899; in action at Tabaotin River, Oct. 27, 1899; detached, commanding Expedition to Aliaga, Oct. 31 to Nov. 5, 1899; in action near Aliaga, Nov. 2 (twice) and Nov. 3, 1899; in action at Huningan, Nov. 11, 1899; in action at Manoag, Nov. 14, 1899; in action at San Tomas, Nov. 19, 1899; detached, commanding Expedition to Vigan, Nov. 23 to Dec. 6, 1899; in action, naval action at Vigan, Nov. 26, 1899; commanding U. S. troops at Vigan, Nov. 28 to Dec. 5, 1899; in action, defense of Vigan, Dec. 4, 1899; relieved from duty on staff of Major General S. B. M. Young, and joined regiment (45th Infantry), Jan. 5, 1900; on General Wheaton's Expedition, via Das Marinas, Quintana, Naig and Nasugbu, Jan. 5 to Feb. 15, 1900; commanding battalion, in action at Duyo River, Jan. 19, 1900; in General Bates' Expedition to the Camarines, Feb. 15, 1900; commanding expedition which landed in San Miguel Bay and accomplished the capture of Nueva Caceres, Feb. 20‑22, 1900; in action at Calabanga, Feb. 20, 1900; commanding Expedition to Pasacao, Feb. 26‑28, 1900; commanding post of Nueva Caceres, Mar. 22 to June 24, 1900; commanding Expedition to District of Lagoney, (3 companies Infantry, 4 troops Cavalry, 1 battery), June 24, 1900; in action at Lagoney, June 27, 1900; in action at Licob, July 2, 1900; in action at San Jose, Sept. 24, 1900; in action at Mount Isarog, Oct. 6, 1900; in command of Sub‑District of Lagoney, June 26 to Oct. 14, 1900;

(Major, 4th Cavalry, Feb. 2, 1901)

— In command of Sub‑District of Iriga, Jan. 2 to Mar. 21, 1901; mustered out Volunteer Service, May 22, 1901

(Assistant Adjutant General, by Detail, Aug. 26, 1903)

— In Adjutant-General's Department, Washington, D. C., June 1, 1901.

(Lieut.‑Colonel, 13th Cavalry, April 19, 1903)

to Jan., 1904, and in charge Division of Militia Affairs; president of board charged with revision of Small Arms Firing Regulations, 1904; on duty as Adjutant-General, Northern Division, St. Louis, Mo., Jan., 1904 to April, 1905; unassigned Mar. 16, 1905; assigned to 13th Cavalry,  p247 April 15, 1905; commanding School of Cavalry, Fort Riley, Kas., April, 1905 to Oct., 1906; on duty at Havana, Cuba, Oct., 1906 to April, 1907;

(Colonel, 11th Cavalry, April 18, 1907)

— Commanding Regiment and Post of Pinar del Rio, Cuba, April, 1907 to Feb., 1909; commanding Regiment and Post of Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., Mar., 1909, to –––––.

Vol. VI
[Supplement, Vol. VI: 1910‑1920]

(Born Feb. 20, 1854.)

Military History. —

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor for gallantry in action at Vigan, P. I.: Dec. 4, 1899.

Colonel, 11th Cavalry, April 18, 1907.

At Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., commanding regiment and post, March 1909, to

(Brigadier-General, U. S. A., Feb. 12, 1913)

March, 1913 (Chief Umpire, Maneuvers, Department of the South, 1911; commanding Blue Cavalry, Connecticut Maneuvers, September, 1912; on Cavalry Board to determine organization and training of Cavalry, 1912‑1913, visiting Germany, Russia, Italy, Austria, France and England); on Mexican border, commanding Cavalry Brigade, March, 1913, to March, 1917; commanding Brownsville District (including mobilized force of Regulars and National Guard of 30,000 men), March, 1916, to March, 1917 (commanded Maneuvers, 23,000 men, in Brownsville District, November, 1916); at San Antonio, Texas, commanding 1st Provisional Division, Regular Army, March to May, 1917; commanding Department of Texas, Southern Department (75,000 men), May to August, 1917 (established Divisional Camps at Deming, N. M.; Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, Texas); at Camp MacArthur, Waco, Texas, commanding 32nd Division, National Guard (Michigan and Wisconsin Troops), August to

(Major-General, National Army, Aug. 28, 1917)

 p216  December, 1917 (on observation duty in France, September-November, 1917; present at the Battle of the Ailette, Oct. 21‑28, 1917; at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, commanding 85th Division, National Army (Michigan and Wisconsin Troops), December, 1917, to Feb. 20, 1918.

Major-General, U. S. A., Retired, Feb. 20, 1918,
By Operation of Law.

Since retirement, resided at Newport, R. I.

Medals: Medal of Honor, Indian Wars, Philippines, Cuban Occupation, Cuban Pacification, Mexican.

Degree of M. A., Rutgers College, 1878.

Books published: The Mounted Rifle­man, 1916, a manual on training cavalry.

Vol. VII
[Supplement, Vol. VII: 1920‑1930]

Military History: —

Medal of Honor

Brigadier-General, U. S. A., Retired, Feb. 20, 1918,
By Operation of Law.

Major-General, U. S. A., Retired, June 21, 1930,
Act of June 21, 1930.


Distinguished Service Medal

"For exceptionally meritorious and distinguished services. He served with great distinction as commander of the Southern Department, Fort Sam Houston, Tex., Mar. 31, 1917, to Aug. 25, 1917; and as division commander, 32nd Division from Aug. 25, to Dec. 11, 1917; division commander, 85th Division, Dec. 11, 1917, to Feb. 20, 1918, when having reached the statutory age he was retired from active service. In these positions of great responsibility he displayed rare and outstanding leader­ship, the organizations under command at all times showing the results of sound training, a high state of morale and discipline. His unusual professional attainments, sound judgment, and devotion to duty were material and important factors in the development of organizations of the American Army, and contributed in a signal way to their success­ful operations in action against the enemy."

Awarded three Silver Stars and cited "for gallantry in action against Apache Indians at Devil's Creek, N. Mex., May 22, 1885," and, "for gallantry in action against insurgent forces at Mariquina, Luzon, Philippine Islands, Aug. 12, 1899," and again, "for gallantry in action against insurgent forces near Manoag, Pangasinan, Luzon, Philippine Islands, Nov. 14, 1899."

Service Medals: Medal of Honor, Indian Wars, Philippines, Cuban Occupation, Cuban Pacification, Mexican, World War.

Civil History. — Degree of M. A., Rutgers College, 1878. Author of "The Mounted Rifle­man," 1916; "The Old Army, Memories," 1929.

[Supplement, Vol. VIII: 1930‑1940]

Military History: —

Brig.‑Gen., Ret., Feb. 20, 1918.

Maj.‑Gen., Ret., June 21, 1930.

Died, June 2, 1934, at New York, N. Y.: Aged 80.

Buried, St. Mary's Episcopal Churchyard, Portsmouth, RI.

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