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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1880

Vol. III

(Born Ga.)

Percy E. Trippe

(Ap'd Ga.)


Born Newnan, GA.​a

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, June 14, 1876, to June 12, 1880, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Second Lieut., 10th Cavalry, June 12, 1880.

Served: on frontier duty in the field and at Ft. Stockton, Tex., Oct. 2, 1880, to May 30, 1881, — in the field near Ft. Concho, Tex., to Nov. 24, 1881, — Ft. Stockton, Tex. (leave of absence, Sep. 25 to Nov. 25, 1882), to Mar. 26, 1885, — and Ft. Thomas, Ara., to Aug. 25, 1885; under instruction at the Infantry and Cavalry School of Application, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., to July, 1887; on frontier duty at Ft. Thomas, Ara., and in the field, to Jan. 15, 1888, — San Carlos, Ara., to Mar. 6, 1888, — Ft.

(First Lieut., 10th Cavalry, Jan. 17, 1888)

Grant, Ara., to June 6, 1888, — and Ft. Bayard, N. M., and in the field, to –––––.

Vol. IV
[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]

Military History. — Served: At Fort Bayard, N. M. (on leave, Aug. 12 to Dec. 10, 1891), to Feb. 28, 1892; on recruiting service at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., to Dec. 4, 1892; at Terre Haute, Ind., to Jan. 20, 1893, and at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., to March 9, 1894; garrison duty at Fort Buford, N. D., to Oct. 1, 1895, and at Fort Assinniboine, Mont., to March 23, 1896. — Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the Agricultural College of South Dakota, Brookings, S. D., March 25, 1896 to Feb. 17, 1898, and of the Ouachita Baptist College, Arkadelphia, Ark., Feb. 20 to May 2, 1898; on mustering duty in Arkansas and Georgia

(Captain of Cavalry, 10th Cavalry, March 11, 1898)

to May, 1899. — (Regimental Adjutant, April 30, 1899.) — En route to and with regiment at Manzanillo, Cuba, to ––––

Vol. V
[Supplement, Vol. V: 1900‑1910]

Military History.En route to and with regiment at Manzanillo, Cuba, to June 3, 1899; on duty with regiment at Manzanillo and Bayamo, Cuba, to July 5, 1900; absent in U. S. on sick leave, to Nov. 5, 1900; relieved as Adjutant, 10th Cavalry; assigned to Troop F; joined troop at Fort McIntosh, Texas, Nov. 10, 1900, when command of same and of post of Fort McIntosh was assumed; left Fort McIntosh with troop for Philippine Islands, April 9, 1901 and sailed from San Francisco on Transport Logan, May 19 and arrived at Calbayog, Samar, P. I., May 21; in action against insurrectos, May 27, 1901.

(Transferred to 12th Cavalry, April 15, 1901)

— Directed to remain on duty with 10th Cavalry till arrival of 12th Cavalry in Philippine Islands; left Manila, Sept. 4; arrived in San Francisco, Sept. 30, 1901; joined regiment, (12th Cavalry) at Fort Sam Houston, Oct. 5; assigned to Troop A at Fort Clark, Texas, arriving Oct. 11, 1901; changed station with troop to Fort Sam Houston, May 10, 1902; on leave, June 14–Oct. 14, 1902; rejoined station; on recruiting duty, June 1, 1903–Nov. 1, 1905; at Wilkesbarre and Williamsport, Pa., Richmond, Va., and Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; rejoined regiment at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., Nov. 1, 1905; on duty at Fort Oglethorpe till March 17, 1906.

(Major, 3d Cavalry, Feb. 21, 1906)

— On leave of absence, March 17 to April 16, 1906; awaiting transport, till May 10, when sailed from Seattle for Manila, arriving June 8; joined regiment at Camp Stotsenburg, Pampanga Province, Luzon, P. I., June 11, 1906; with regiment till July 14, 1907; on leave of absence in Japan and China, till Sept. 1, 1907, when rejoined regiment; left P. I. with regiment, Jan. 16, 1908, arriving in San Francisco, Feb. 13, 1908; at Fort Clark, Texas, Feb. 19, 1908; at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, March 11, 1908 to –––––.

Vol. VI
[Supplement, Vol. VI: 1910‑1920]

(Percy Edwards Trippe, Born July 9, 1857.)

Military History. —

Major, 3d Cavalry, Feb. 21, 1906

At Fort Sam Houston, Texas, March 11, 1908, to April 1, 1909; on sick leave and ordinary leave, April 1 to Sept. 1, 1909; at Fort Sam Houston, Sept. 1 to 20, 1909; at Fort Clark, Texas, Sept. 20, 1909, to May 1, 1910; at Fort Sam Houston, May 6 to

(Transferred to 14th Cavalry, Dec. 8, 1910)

Dec. 28, 1910; en route to Philippines, Dec. 28, 1910, to Feb. 1, 1911; at Camp Stotsenburg, P. I., with regiment to

(Lieut.‑Colonel of Cavalry, Feb. 29, 1912)

March 8, 1912; en route to U. S. to April 7, 1912; joined Field Officers' Class at Fort Riley, Kans., April 11, 1912; on sick report, April 22 to May 12, 1912, on leave of absence, May 15 to Sept. 14, 1912.

Lieut.‑Colonel, U. S. A., Retired, Sept. 14, 1912,
At His Own Request, After Over 30 Years' Service.

Assigned to active duty in recruiting service; at Fort Slocum, N. Y., receiving instructions in recruiting service, Sept. 15‑26, 1912; at New Orleans, La., in charge of recruiting station, Sept. 30, 1912, to Aug. 1, 1914; supervising farming interests in Georgia to Aug. 24, 1917; at Athens, Ga., Professor of Military Science and Tactics at University of Georgia, Aug. 25, 1917, to

(Colonel, U. S. A., on Retired List, July 9, 1918)

Sept. 13, 1918; commanding Student's Army Training Corps, Sept. 14 to Oct. 18, 1918; at San Diego, Cal., commanding S. A. T. C. at San Diego Junior College, Oct. 19 to 31, 1918, when he was relieved from active duty and returned to retired status; at Pasadena and Los Angeles, Cal., to ––––

Vol. VII
[Supplement, Vol. VII: 1920‑1920]

Military History. —

Lieutenant-Colonel, U. S. A., Retired, Sept. 14, 1912,
At His Own Request, After Over 30 Years' Service.

Recalled to active duty Sept. 15, 1912; relieved from active duty, Aug. 1, 1914; active duty Sept. 8, 1916, to Oct. 1, 1916 and from Aug. 25, 1917, to

Colonel, U. S. A., Retired, July 9, 1918,
Act of July 9, 1918.

Nov. 4, 1918.

[Supplement, Vol. VIII: 1930‑1940]

Military History: —

Lt.‑Col., Ret., Sept. 14, 1912.

Col., Ret., July 9, 1918.

Civil History: — Owns and manages a citrus farm near Homestead, Fla., since June, 1939.

Vol. IX
[Supplement, Vol. IX: 1940‑1950]

Military History: —

Lt Col Ret 14 Sep 12;

Col Ret 9 Jul 18

Civil History: — Owned and managed a citrus farm near Homestead Fla, since Jun 39.

Died May 11, 1946, at Coral Gables, Fla.: Aged 88.

Portrait and obituary at West Point Association of Graduates.º

Buried, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA.

Thayer's Note:

a Col. Trippe's birthplace is as he himself gave it in his own biographical sketch included in his obituary, with a portrait of him, at WPAOG.

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