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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1882

Vol. III

(Born O.)

John H. Beacom

(Ap'd O.)


Born Wellsville, OH.​a

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1878, to June 13, 1882, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Second Lieut., 18th Infantry, June 13, 1882.

Served: on frontier duty at Ft. Assinniboine, Mon., Sep. 30, 1882, to

(Transferred to 3d Infantry, Apr. 19, 1883)

May 5, 1883, — Ft. Shaw, Mon., to Mar. 22, 1888, — Ft. Missoula, Mon.,

(First Lieut., 3d Infantry, Jan. 20, 1888)

to May 21, 1888, — and Ft. Meade, Dak., to Oct. 3, 1889; on leave of absence, to Dec. 1, 1889; and under instruction at the Torpedo School, Willet's Point, N. Y., to –––––.

Vol. IV
[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]

Military History. — Served: At Torpedo School, Willets Point, N. Y., from Nov., 1889 to Oct., 1890. — On leave of absence in Europe, Oct., 1890 to April 1, 1891. — In command of the Indian company (Company I, 3d Infantry) at Fort Sully, S. D., and Fort Snelling, Min., from May, 1891 until Sept., 1894. — On leave of absence, attached to the headquarters of the Japanese army, from Dec., 1894 till April, 1895 (with the so‑called Second Army in the campaign in the Shantung Peninsula and at the surrender of Wei‑hai‑wei). — Fort Snelling, Min., April, 1895 to Aug., 1897. — In Aug., 1896, he proceeded to Egypt, to accompany the English expedition into the Soudan, but was refused permission by the Sirdar to join the expedition. — U. S. M. A., West Point, N. Y., as Assistant Instructor of Tactics, from Aug., 1897

(Captain of Infantry, 6th Infantry, April 26, 1898)

(Captain and Asst. Adjutant-General, U. S. Volunteers, May 12, 1898)

to June, 1898. — Assigned to 2d Army Corps, June 8, 1898. — Transferred to 7th Army Corps, June 15, 1898. — Adjutant-General, 3d Division, 7th Army Corps, from June 21 to Aug. 24, 1898.

(Lieut.‑Colonel and Asst. Adjutant-General, U. S. Volunteers,
Aug. 27, 1898)

— Adjutant-General, Department of Santiago, from Sept. 17, 1898 to March 25, 1899. — On expedition through interior of Cuba (Santiago to Havana) from April 3 to May 3, 1899.

(Honorably Discharged from Volunteer Service, April 22, 1899)

(Lieut.‑Colonel, 45th U. S. Volunteer Infantry, Aug. 17, 1899)

(Transferred to 42d U. S. Volunteer Infantry, Sept. 1, 1899)

— In command of regiment from that date until ––––

Vol. V
[Supplement, Vol. V: 1900‑1910]

Military History. — Organized 42d U. S. Vol. Inf. at Ft. Niagara, N. Y., and took it to the Philippines, arriving at Manila, Dec. 31, 1899; in command of expedition to East of Laguna de Bay, Luzon, in co‑operation with General Schwan's brigade to the west of the lake, Jan. and Feb., 1900; in command of troops operating to south and east of Laguna de Bay, against General Cailles (27th Volunteer Infantry, one Battalion, 29th Volunteer Infantry, three Companies, 42d Volunteer Infantry and some Scouts), March‑April, 1900; in command at Malabon (Manila Province), June, 1900 to May, 1901; on leave in China, May‑June, 1901; Judge Advocate Provost Guard, Manila, to Aug. 7, and Judge Advocate of Military Commission, to Oct. 1; in command of troops in Oriental Negros, Oct. 1, 1901 to May, 1902; on leave and en route to United States via India and Europe, May 25 to Sept. 30; with regiment at

(Major, 6th Infantry, Aug. 14, 1903)

Fort Leavenworth, to Sept., 1903; Military Attache to American Embassy, London, Oct., 1903 to Jan., 1907; on duty in Washington, D. C., March‑April; in command Fort Missoula, Mont., April 29, 1907 to –––––.

Vol. VI
[Supplement, Vol. VI: 1910‑1920]

(John Henry Beacom, Born Jan. 1, 1857.)

Military History. —

Major, 6th Infantry, Aug. 14, 1903.

At Fort Missoula, Mont., commanding post, April 29, 1907, to July 30, 1908; at American Lake, Wash., with 1st Battalion, July 31, to Aug. 30, 1908; at Fort Missoula with 1st Battalion to Dec. 28, 1908; on leave of absence, Dec. 29, 1908, to Feb. 24, 1909; at Fort William Henry Harrison, Mont., with 1st Battalion, Feb. 25 to Sept. 25, 1909; at Fort Snelling, Minn., on detached service, Sept. 27 to Oct. 4, 1909; at Fort W. H. Harrison, Mont., commanding regiment and post, Oct. 5, 1909, to Jan. 1, 1910; en route to Philippines and commanding 1st Battalion at Camp Keithley, P. I., Jan. 2, 1910, to

(Lieut.‑Colonel, 6th Infantry, March 3, 1911)

March 21, 1912; (commanding regiment, April 25, 1910, to March 10, 1911, and Nov. 11, 1911, to Jan. 13, 1912); at Manila, Assistant Inspector-General, Philippine Department, March 22 to

(Inspector-General, by Detail, March 30, 1912)

 p342  July 14, 1912; en route to U. S. and on leave, July 15 to Oct. 12, 1912; at San Francisco, Cal., Assistant to Inspector-General, Western Department, Oct. 13, 1912, to March 18, 1913; Inspector-General, Western Department, March 19 to

(Colonel, 4th Infantry, June 27, 1913)

July 1, 1913; on detached service at Hdqrs. Western Department, July 2, to Sept. 1, 1913; awaiting orders, on leave and en route to Jefferson Bks., Mo., Sept. 2 to 28, 1913; at Jefferson Bks., on recruiting service, Sept. 29, 1913, to

(Assigned to 6th Infantry, Nov. 27, 1915)

Nov. 27, 1915; on leave of absence, Nov. 28 to Dec. 28, 1915; on Mexican border with 6th Infantry, Jan. 1 to March 13, 1916; at Columbus, N. M., commanding 1st Provisional Infantry Brigade, March 14 to 16, 1916; with Punitive Expedition into Mexico, commanding 1st Provisional Infantry Brigade, March 17 to April 30, 1916; commanding 8th Infantry, May 1 to Sept. 16, 1916.

Died, Sept. 17, 1916, at Colonia Dublan, Mexico: Aged 59.

Obituary in Annual Report, Association of Graduates, for 1918.

Buried, Spring Hill Cemetery, Wellsville, OH.

Thayer's Note:

a Col. Beacom's birthplace is from "John Henry Beacom", a page of a blog devoted to Wellsville, Ohio. That page has some further details of his life, as well as photographs of him and of some of his West Point uniforms, preserved in the Wellsville River Museum.

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