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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1883

Vol. III

(Born N. C.)

Samson Laneº Faison

(Ap'd N. C.)


Born Faison, NC.​a

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, Sep. 1, 1878, to June 13, 1883, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Second Lieut., 1st Infantry, June 13, 1883.

Served: on frontier duty at Ft. McDowell, Ara., Sep. 29, 1883, to Oct. 18, 1883, — Ft. Huachuca, Ara., to Aug. 12, 1884, — Tombstone, Ara., to Sep. 1, 1884, — Ft. Huachuca, Ara., to May 19, 1885, — Scouting, to June 20, 1885, — Ft. Huachuca, Ara., to July 28, 1885, — Scouting, to Aug. 6, 1885, — Ft. Huachuca, Ara., to Sep. 10, 1885, — with Indian Scouts in the field, to Apr. 23, 1886, — Ft. Huachuca, Ara., to May 1, 1886, — and on detached service to enlist Indian Scouts, near Tucson, Ara., to May 27, 1886, — Ft. Huachuca, Ara., to July 16, 1886; in garrison at the Presidio of San Francisco, Cal., to July 31, 1886, — detached service at Ft. McDermitt, Nev., to Oct. 13, 1886; in garrison at the Presidio of San Francisco, Cal. (leave of absence, May 26 to Sep. 20, 1887), to June 21, 1888, — Santa Barbara, Cal., to Sep. 15, 1888, — Alcatraz Island, Cal., to Apr. 18, 1889, — Presidio, San Francisco, Cal., to July 8, 1889, — Camp at Monterey, Cal., to Aug. 19, 1889, — Santa Cruz, Cal., to Sep. 18, 1889, — and Benicia Barracks, Cal. (leave of absence, Nov. 19, 1889, to Feb. 9, 1890), to –––––.

Vol. IV
[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]

Military History. —

(First Lieut. of Infantry, 13th Infantry, Feb. 24, 1891)

(Transferred to 1st Infantry, July 20, 1891)

Served: With regiment in Department of California, Jan. 1 to Dec. 1, 1890; at Willets Point, N. Y. H., to Oct. 1, 1891. — On regimental recruiting service in Oregon, Dec., 1891 to March, 1892. — With regiment in Department of California to Aug., 1895; at Los Angeles, Cal., and Sacramento, Cal., during railroad strike, Aug. and Sept., 1894, and inspected National Guard, State of Nevada, at Carson City, Sept., 1894. — On general recruiting service at Lynchburg, Va., Oct. 1, 1895 to Oct. 10, 1896. — In Department of Tactics at U. S. M. A., West Point, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1896

(Captain of Infantry, July 1, 1898)

(Assigned to 13th Infantry, Jan. 1, 1899)

to April 20, 1899. — Sailed from San Francisco, Cal., April 27; landed at Manila, P. I., June 1; in command of company in attack on intrenchments of Filipino insurgents on Guadaloupe Ridge, near San Pedro Macati, P. I., June 10, 1899; in command of company in the field to ––––

Vol. V
[Supplement, Vol. V: 1900‑1910]

Military History. — Served: Commanding company, from April 27, 1899 to June 13, 1899; took command of company upon its departure for foreign service, Philippine Islands, April 27, 1899; arrived in Manila, P. I., May 29, 1899; in command of company in engagement with Filipino Insurgents, Guadaloupe Ridge, near San Pedro, Macati, P. I., June 10, 1899; in command of company in field, from June 9, 1899 to July 13, 1899; commanding 2d Battalion, 13th Infantry in the field, from July 13 to Aug. 6, 1899, and from  p350 Aug. 19 to Sept. 21, 1899; on D. S. since Acting Adjutant-General, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 8th Army Corps, from Sept. 19 to Oct. 14, 1899; relieved from command, 2d Battalion, 10th Infantry, Sept. 19, 1899, and in command, 1st Battalion, 13th Infantry, to Oct. 8, 1899; in command of 1st Battalion, 13th Infantry, in the field, from Oct. 8—,º to Oct. 28, 1899; in engagement with Filipino Insurgents, Cavite Viejo, to San Francisco de Malabon, a running engagement of three days; in command of 1st Battalion, 13th Infantry, Nov. 4, 1899, and comprising part of General Wheaton's Expeditionary Brigade; landed at San Fabian, Lingayen Bay, Nov. 7; engagement with Filipino Insurgents, to Nov. 7, upon and after landing; in field in command of 1st Battalion, Robonº River and Santa Neuvos,º engagement with Insurgents, Nov. 13, 1899, while Captain 13th U. S. Infantry; assigned to Company M; joined company, April 27, 1899; commanding company, April 27, 1899 to July 13, 1899; commanding 2d Battalion, 13th Infantry, from July 13 to Aug. 6, and from Aug. 19 to Sept. 21, 1899; Acting Assistant Adjutant-General, 1st Division, 1st Brigade, 8th Army Corps, from Sept. 19 to Oct. 14, 1899; commanding 2d Battalion, from Sept. 23 to Oct. 8, 1899; commanding 1st Battalion, from Oct. 9, 1899 to Dec. 4, 1900; Judge of Provost Court in places designated by Commanding General, 4th Brigade, 2d Division, 8th Army Corps; on detached service at Bautista, P. I., as member of Military Commission, from Dec. 5 to Dec. 16, 1900; on detached service at Manila, P. I., as Judge Advocate of Military Commission, from Dec. 17, 1900 to Jan. 29, 1901; at San Jacinto, P. I., as Judge, Provost Court, from Jan. 30 to Feb. 16, 1901; on detached service at Binalonan, P. I., as member of Military Commission, from Feb. 17 to April 11, 1901; on detached service, as member of General Court Martial at Manila, P. I., from April 12 to May 22, 1901; on detached service at Mangaldan, P. I., commanding Company L, from May 22 to July 1, and from July 26 to Aug. 21, 1901; sick in Military Hospital, Dagupan, from July 1 to 25, 1901, in line of duty; sick in Military Hospital, Dagupan, from Aug. 22 to 27, 1901, in line of duty; commanding U. S. Military Prison and Station of Lingayen, Aug. 27 to Sept. 4, 1901; on detached service, as Adjutant-General, 3d District, Department Northern Luzon, from Sept. 4 to Oct. 31, 1901.

(Adjutant-General, 1st Separate Brigade, from Nov. 1 to Dec. 30, 1901)

— Joined and commanding company, from Jan. 21, 1902 to Feb. 10, 1902; sick in First Reserve Hospital, Manila, from Feb. 11 to 13, 1902, in line of duty; commanding post of Fort Mason, Cal., from Aug. 23 to Oct. 12, 1902; absent with leave, from Oct. 13 to Jan. 24, 1903; rejoined and commanding company and post of Fort Mason, Cal., from Jan. 24 to May 25, 1903; absent with leave for one day during April, 1903; on leave, from May 25 to Aug. 11, 1905; resumed command of company and post, on Aug. 11, 1905; detailed for duty in the Office of Quartermaster-General, U. S. A.; left regiment on Oct. 5, 1905; detailed for service and to fill a vacancy in the Quartermaster's Department, to take effect Oct. 29, 1905; Captain and Quartermaster (detailed), in Quartermaster-General's Office, to June 30, 1906.

(Major, 24th Infantry, June 30, 1906)

— In Quartermaster-General's Office, to Dec. 26, 1906; sailed from San Francisco, Jan. 5, 1907, for Manila, P. I.; in command of Camp Downs, Leyte, P. I., Feb. 17, 1907 to Feb. 8, 1908; sailed  p351 from Manila, P. I., for U. S., via Suez, Feb. 20; arrived at New York, April 23; on leave, to May 23; with regiment at Madison Barracks, N. Y., to –––––.

Vol. VI
[Supplement, Vol. VI: 1910‑1920]

(Born Nov. 29, 1860.)

Military History. —

Major, 24th Infantry, June 30, 1906.

At Madison Bks., N. Y., with regiment, May 23, 1908, to June 13, 1910; at Washington, D. C., at Army War College to

 p365  (Lieut.‑Colonel of Infantry, Sept. 27, 1911)

(Assigned to 5th Infantry, April 17, 1912)

July 1, 1912; at Mount Gretna, Pa., Chief Umpire at Camp of Instruction, July 5 to Aug. 3, 1912; commanding regiment during Connecticut Maneuver Campaign and on annual practice march, Aug. 9 to Sept. 4, 1912; at Plattsburg Bks., N. Y., Sept. 4, 1912, to Nov. 10, 1914; en route to Panama Canal Zone, Nov. 15 to 25, 1914; at Empire, Canal Zone, to

(Colonel of Infantry, Oct. 2, 1915)

(Assigned to 25th Infantry)

Jan. 25, 1916; en route to Feb. 11, 1916; at Schofield Bks., Hawaii, commanding regiment, Feb. 12, 1916, to

(Transferred to 42d Infantry, June 22, 1917)

July 6, 1917; (on leave of absence in U. S., and on detached service, Oct. 6, 1916, to Jan. 12, 1917); at Fort Douglas, Utah, commanding 42d Infantry, July 17 to Aug. 20, 1917;

(Brigadier-General, National Army, Aug. 20, 1917)

at Camp Sevier, Greenville, S. C., commanding 60th Brigade, 30th Division, Aug. 29 to Dec. 21, 1917; commanding 30th Division, Dec. 22, 1917, to May 17, 1918; en route to Calais, France, via England, May 17 to June 8, 1918; commanded 30th Division, June 14 to July 20; commanded 60th Brigade, July 20 to March 11, 1919; moved with 30th Division from Nordausquesb to Watou, Belgium, July 4, 1918; took part in following battles: Canal Sector, Belgium, (defensive), July 16 to Aug. 30, 1918; Ypres‑Lys (offensive), Belgium, Aug. 31 to Sept. 2, 1918; Somme Offensive, France, Sept. 24 to Oct. 20, 1918; in Le Mans Area, to May 11, 1919; en route with 30th Division, St. Nazaire, France, to Charleston, S. C., March 7 to April 3; at Camp Jackson, S. C., commanding 30th Division and camp to May 1, 1919; commanded 156th Depot Brigade and Demobilization Camp to

(Returned to Grade of Colonel of Infantry, July 15, 1919)

July 31; at Camp Lee, Va., commanding 43d Infantry, Sept. 3, 1919, to ––––

Awarded Croix de Guerre, with Palm, and French Legion of Honor, with rank of officer, principally for part taken in breaking Hindenburg line at Bellicourt, France, Sept. 29, 1918, and subsequent offensives and captures in the Cambrai, St. Quentin region.


Distinguished Service Medal

"For exceptionally meritorious and distinguished services. He commanded with great credit the 60th Infantry Brigade in the breaking of the enemy's Hindenburg line at Bellicourt, France, and in subsequent operations in which important captures were made, all marking him as a military commander of great energy and determination."

Vol. VII
[Supplement, Vol. VII: 1920‑1930]

Military History: —

Distinguished Service Medal.

Colonel of Infantry, Oct. 2, 1915.

Brigadier-General, National Army, Aug. 5, 1917.

Returned to Grade of Colonel, July 15, 1919.

At Camp Lee, Va., commanding 43rd Infantry, Sept. 3, 1919, to Mar., 1921; at Fort Howard, Md., in charge of National Army Officers, Headquarters 3rd Corps Area, (assigned to 22nd Infantry, July 5, 1921) to July 22, 1921; at Fort Jay, Governors Island, N. Y., commanding 22nd Infantry, to

Brigadier-General, U. S. A., June 5, 1922.

June 12, 1922; on leave of absence, Aug. 1 to Nov. 30, 1922.

Brigadier-General, U. S. A., Retired, Dec. 1, 1922,
For Disability Incident to the Service.

Awarded Croix de Guerre with Palm and French Legion of Honor with rank of officer.

[Supplement, Vol. VIII: 1930‑1940]

Military History: —

Brig.‑Gen., Ret., Dec. 1, 1922.

Died Oct. 17, 1940, at Baltimore, Md.: Aged 79.

Portrait and obituary in Annual Report, Association of Graduates, for 1941.º

Buried, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA.

Thayer's Notes:

a Gen. Faison's birthplace is from his AOG obituary.

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b The misspelling in the Register was a particularly tough nut to crack, but a "Remark", signed by Lt.‑Col. Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.Francis M. Hinkle, July 4, 1918, in a document quoted in United States Army in the World War 1917‑1919, Vol. 3 (Training and Use of American Units With the British and French), p224, finally yielded the correction. Further to dispel the ambiguity in this entry, although Watou is in Belgium, Nordausques is in France.

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