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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1895

Vol. IV

(Born O.)

Casper H. Conrad, Jr.​1

(Ap'd S. D.)


(Casper Hauzer Conrad, Jr.)

Military History. — Cadet at the U. S. M. A., from June 17, 1890,​a to June 12, 1895, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

(Second Lieut. of Cavalry, 6th Cavalry, June 12, 1895)

(Transferred to 5th Cavalry, July 30, 1895)

Served: Garrison duty at Fort Ringgold, Tex., Oct. 1 to Dec. 23, 1895; at Fort Clark, Tex., to May 14, 1898; with regiment in New Orleans, La., May 16 to 17, 1898; regimental recruiting service at Jackson Barracks, La., May 17 to 26, 1898; joined regiment at Mobile, Ala., May 27, 1898; with regiment at Tampa, Fla., and Huntsville, Ala., June 7 to Aug. 19, 1898; on sick leave of absence, Aug. 19, 1898

(First Lieut. of Cavalry, 7th Cavalry, March 2, 1899)

to March 19, 1899; on duty at Camp Meade, Pa., as A. A. Q. M. and A. C. S., General Hospital, March 27 to June 15, 1899; joined regiment at Quemado, Cuba, June 26, 1899; Squadron Adjutant, 3d Squadron, July 1, 1899; at Pinar del Rio, Cuba, July 7, 1899 to ––––

Vol. V
[Supplement, Vol. V: 1900‑1910]

Military History. — Served: At Pinar del Rio, Cuba, July 7, 1899 to Aug., 1900; at Columbia Barracks, Cuba, Aug., 1900 to Nov. 13, 1900; leave of absence in U. S., Nov. 19, 1900 to March 6, 1901; at Columbia Barracks, Cuba, March 6 to

(Captain, 3d Cavalry, April 23, 1901)

to May 24, 1901; en route to Philippines, May 24, 1901 to Aug. 12, 1901; with troop at Namacpacan, Union, P. I., Aug. 26, 1901 to Jan. 17, 1902; at San Fernando, Union, P. I., Jan. 17 to May 30, 1902; left Philippine Islands with regiment, June 22, 1902; duty with troop at Fort Assinniboine, Mont., Aug. 2, 1902 to June 6, 1903; en route to and at Fort Yellowstone, Wyo., June 6 to Oct. 6, 1903; at Fort Assinniboine, Mont., Oct. 6, 1903 to April 9, 1904; D. S., as Adjutant, Jefferson Guard, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Mo., April 12, 1904 to March 15, 1905; on leave, March 15 to Sept. 15, 1905; with troop at Fort Assinniboine, Mont., Sept. 17 to Nov. 23, 1905; left U. S. with regiment, Dec. 15, 1905; with troop at Camp Stotsenburg, P. I., Jan. 16, 1906 to April 23, 1907; in field, Leyte, P. I., during Pulajane trouble, April 27 to July 1, 1907; at Camp Stotsenburg, P. I., July 6, 1907 to Jan. 15, 1908; left P. I. with regiment, Jan. 16, 1908 and arrived in U. S., Feb. 13, 1908; with troop at Fort Clark, Tex., Feb. 19 to April 19, 1908; on leave, April 19 to June 19, 1908; at Fort Clark, Tex., June 19 to 30, 1908; in field, in connection with Mexican border troubles, June 30 to Aug. 25, 1908; with troop at Fort Clark, Texas, Aug. 26, 1908 to –––––.

Vol. VI
[Supplement, Vol. VI: 1910‑1920]

(Casper Hauzer Conrad, Jr., Born Sept. 26, 1872.)

Military History. —

Captain, 3d Cavalry, April 23, 1901.

At Fort Clark, Texas, with Troop, Aug. 26, 1908, to April, 1909; at Washington, D. C., in office of Quartermaster-General, to October, 1909; at Fort Clark, Texas, with Troop, to March, 1910;

(Quartermaster, By Detail, March 5, 1910)

at Front Royal, Va., established Remount Depot and started Government Bureau for breeding Cavalry horses; relieved from detail in Quartermaster Department, May 17, 1913;

(Assigned to 15th Cavalry, May 18, 1913)

at Fort Sheridan, Ill., to June, 1913; at Camp of Instruction, Winchester, Va., with Troop, to October, 1913; changed station with regiment to Fort Bliss, Texas, November, 1913; on border duty in the field, Dec. 15, 1913, to September, 1914; at Fort Bliss, with Troop, to February, 1915; at Tabecco, Texas, on border duty, to June, 1915; at Fort Bliss with Troop, to August, 1915;

(Transferred to 8th Cavalry, Aug. 15, 1915)

at Fort Riley, Kans., at School of Equitation, Mounted Service School, to May, 1916; at Fort Bliss, Texas, with Troop, May to

(Major, 3d Cavalry, July 1, 1916)

August, 1916; on border duty with National Guard to November, 1916; on leave of absence to Dec. 23, 1916; at Camp Wilson, Texas, with 1st Alabama Cavalry, to March 23, 1917; at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, with 3d Cavalry, to

(Lieut.‑Colonel, 3d Cavalry, July 28, 1917)

(Colonel of Infantry, National Army, Aug. 5, 1917)

Aug. 15, 1917; at Camp Travis, Texas, organized and commanded 360th Infantry, 90th Division, Aug. 25, 1917, to June 6, 1918; en route with regiment to Port of Embarkation, June 6 to 12; at Washington, D. C., member of General Staff Corps, June 12, 1918, to Feb. 6, 1919; en route to France to Feb. 20, 1919; at Brest, France, on embarkation duty, to March 16, 1919; in Germany, commanding Advance Embarkation Section, S. O. S., to July 9, 1919; at St. Nazaire, France, commanding Base Section No. 1, July 19 to 29, 1919; en route to U. S. and on leave of absence to Aug. 25, 1919; at Fort Leavenworth, Kans., student officer, Army Service Schools, Aug. 25, 1919, to ––––

Vol. VII
[Supplement, Vol. VII: 1920‑1930]

Military History: —

Distinguished Service Medal.​b

Colonel of Infantry, National Army, Aug. 5, 1917.

At Fort Leavenworth, Kans., student officer, Army Service Schools, Line Class, Aug. 25, 1919, to

Returned to Grade of Lieutenant-Colonel, Aug. 31, 1919.

June, 1920, when he was grated as an Honor Graduate;

Colonel of Cavalry, July 1, 1920.

at Urbana, Ill., student officer, College of Agriculture, University of Illinois, Sept., 1920, to June, 1922; B. S. Agriculture with Senior Honors; at Washington, D. C., student officer, Army War College, Sept., 1922, to June, 1923, when he was graduated; at Washington, D. C., Inspector-General's Department, July, 1923, to Nov., 1923; at Manila, P. I., Inspector-General, Philippine Department, Jan., 1924, to Mar., 1926; at Washington, D. C., Inspector-General's Office, Apr., 1926, to Oct., 1928;

Brigadier-General, U. S. A., Oct. 16, 1928.

at Langley Field, Va., attending short course at the Air Corps Tactical School, Nov. to Dec., 1928; at Fort Benning, Ga., Infantry School, Dec., 1928, to Jan., 1929; at Fort Sheridan, Ill., commanding post, Jan. 20, 1929, to –––––.

[Supplement, Vol. VIII: 1930‑1940]

Military History: —

(Brig.‑Gen., Oct. 16, 1928)

At Ft. Sheridan, Ill., comdg. Post and 12th Inf. Brig., Jan. 20, 1929 to Aug. 6, 1930; at Ft. William McKinley, P. I., comdg. 23d Inf. Brig., Oct. 10, 1930 to June 23, 1931; comdg. Philippine Div. and Post, to July 1, 1933; at Ft. Francis E. Warren, Wyo., comdg. 4th Inf. Brig. and Wyo. Dist. CCC, Aug. 15, 1933 to June 15, 1935; at Ft. Lewis, Wash., comdg. 3d Div. and Ft. Lewis Dist. CCC, Aug. 18, 1935 to Aug. 31, 1936.

(Brig.‑Gen., Ret., Sept. 30, 1936. By operation of law.)

Awarded Decoration and Diploma of Commander of Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam (French-Indo-China) 1932.

Vol. IX
[Supplement, Vol. IX: 1940‑1950]

Military History: —

Brig Gen Ret 30 Sep 36

Civil History: — 477 Burr Road, San Antonio 9 Tex

Died, Aug. 12, 1954, at Fort Sam Houston, Tex.: Aged 81.​c

Portrait and obituary at West Point Association of Graduates.º

The Author's Note:

1 Son of Casper H. Conrad, late Major, 8th Infantry, U. S. A.º

Thayer's Notes:

a Many entries in Cullum's Register record that a cadet graduated from the Academy in five years rather the nominal four. Usually, this is because he was turned back a year for academic deficiency. Here, from a footnote to a list of First Captains at West Point Association of Graduates (originally from 1872 to 2010, "Submitted by Dr. Stephen Grove and Suzanne Christoff"; that version taken offline and replaced by a slightly different version updated to 2014) we have this more interesting case:

Casper Conrad was selected as First Captain of the Class of 1894 on 14 Aug 1893. Several days later he went off limits during a cadet visit to the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. He was subsequently court martialed and dismissed from the Academy but permitted to return the next year and graduate with the Class of 1895. He was removed as First Captain on 24 Aug 1893 before the start of the Academic year. As a result, he was named but never actually served as First Captain.

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b Counter to its usual practice, the Register omits the citation. It can be found in Gen. Conrad's memorial article at West Point Association of Graduates.

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c Gen. Conrad died after the publication of Vol. IX (1950), the most recent volume of the Supplements to Cullum's Register available to me, which may also be the most recent volume in the public domain. The date and place of his death are from the WPAOG memorial article.

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