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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1904

Vol. V

(Born S. C.)

Robert C. Richardson, Jr.

(Ap'd S. C.)


Robert Charlwood Richardson, Jr.:
Born Oct. 27, 1882, Charleston, SC.º

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, June 19, 1900 to June 15, 1904, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

(Second Lieut., 14th Cavalry)

Served: On leave, to Sept. 15, 1904; en route to the Philippine Islands, to Nov. 11, 1904; in the Philippine Islands, Island of Jolo, P. I., Nov. 11, 1904 to Oct. 12, 1905; in active service against hostile Moros, Island of Jolo, P. I., Dec. 26, 1904 to Jan. 16, 1905; wounded in finger by gunshot, Cotta Usap, Jolo, P. I., Jan. 7, 1905; engagement with Moros, April 16‑17, 1905; in Pala expedition, Jolo, P. I., April 25 to May 13, 1905; commanded Troop I, 14th Cavalry, Oct. 12, 1905 to Oct. 25, 1906; en route to the U. S., to Nov. 23, 1905; at the Presidio of San Francisco, Cal., to Oct. 25, 1906; on duty at San Francisco, Cal., during earthquake, April 18, 1906 to June 1, 1906; at maneuvers, American Lake, Washington, July 20 to Sept. 19, 1906; at the Presidio of San Francisco, Cal., to Oct. 25, 1906; Assistant Instructor, Department of Modern Languages, at the Military Academy, West Point, N. Y., Nov. 1, 1906 to –––––. Philippine campaign medal.

Vol. VI
[Supplement, Vol. VI: 1910‑1920]

Military History. —

Second Lieut., 14th Cavalry, June 15, 1904.

At U. S. Military Academy, Instructor in Department of Modern Languages, Nov. 1, 1906, to

(First Lieut., 14th Cavalry, March 11, 1911)

Aug. 13, 1911; en route to Philippines, October, 1911; joined 14th Cavalry and assigned to Machine Gun Troop, Nov. 1, 1911; en route to U. S., March 5 to April 7, 1912; at Fort Clark, Texas, April, 1912, to

(Transferred to 23d Infantry, March 3, 1913,
With Rank From March 11, 1911)

April, 1913: (Regimental Adjutant, 14th Cavalry, April 7 to November, 1912); joined 23rd Infantry at Texas City, Texas, April 13, 1913; with 2nd Division to August, 1914; at U. S. Military Academy, Assistant Professor of English, Aug. 28, 1914, to

(Captain of Infantry, July 1, 1916)

(Transferred to 2d Cavalry, Jan. 13, 1917)

June 15, 1917; joined 2nd Cavalry at Fort Ethan Allen, Vt., June 22, 1917; commanded Supply Troop to July 15, 1917; Aide-de‑Camp to Major-General T. H. Barry, Commanding Central Department, Chicago, Ill., at Camp Grant, Ill., with 86th Division, as Aide, Aug. 25, to

(Major, Temporary, of Cavalry, Nov. 1, 1917)

Nov. 26, 1917; sailed for Europe Dec. 1 and arrived at Liverpool, Dec. 9, 1917; at Ravelsburg Camp, near Bailleul, France, with 2nd Australian Division, Dec. 14‑28, 1917; with 3rd French Division, west Verdun, Hill 304, Dec. 31‑Jan. 9, 1918; assigned to Operations Section, General Staff, American Expeditionary Forces, Jan. 25, 1918; at Dieue-sur‑Meuse, attached to 10th French Corps, March 17-April 16, 1918, and to 2nd Colonial French Corps, April 17-May 18, 1918, as Advance Corps Hdqrs. for 2nd American Division in the Sector; appointed to General Staff, May 18, 1918; at Advance General Hdqrs., Grémévillers, France, G‑3 representative, May 20-June 10, 1918; Liaison Officer for General Hdqrs. with Allied Hdqrs. and with American Armies, Corps and Divisions during operations in France in summer and fall of 1918:

(Lieut.‑Colonel of Infantry, U. S. A., Aug. 26, 1918)

escorted Allied Missions, British, Belgian, Italian, in St. Mihiel Offensive, Sept. 12‑14, 1918; at Souilly, Liaison Officer at 1st Army Hdqrs., for opening of Meuse-Argonne Offensive, Sept. 26, 1918; G‑3 Representative at Advance General Hdqrs., Ligny-en‑Barrois, Oct. 27 to

(Colonel of Cavalry, U. S. A., Nov. 2, 1918)

Dec. 2, 1918; G‑3 Representative of Advance General Hdqrs., Trèves, Germany, Dec. 2, 1918, to Jan. 28, 1919; at Paris with War Damages Board, Peace Commission, Jan. 31-Feb. 14, 1919; at Chaumont, on duty G‑3 at General Hdqrs., Feb. 28, 1919, to May 22, 1919; at Coblenz, Germany, on temporary duty at Hdqrs., 3rd Army, May 22‑23; at Mayence, Germany, attached to Hdqrs., 10th French Army, May 24 to June 1, 1919; returned to U. S., July 6; at Washington, D. C., assigned to Morale Division, General Staff, July 22, 1919 to ––––

Medals: Philippine Campaign; Officer of the Legion of Honor (French); Officer of the Order of Leopold (Belgian); Officer of the Order of St. Maurizio and St. Lazarus (Italy); Allied Victory Medal, fourº stars.


Distinguished Service Medal

"For exceptionally meritorious and distinguished services. He organized and conducted with great efficiency the important strategical and tactical  p1086 liaison service of the 3d Section, General Staff, General Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forces. During the Meuse-Argonne operations he gave proof of notable military attainments and untiring devotion to duty by the efficient manner in which he organized and administered the advanced General Headquarters, rendering services of distinction to the American Expeditionary Forces."

Vol. VII
[Supplement, Vol. VII: 1920‑1930]

Military History: —

Distinguished Service Medal.

Colonel, Temporary, of Cavalry, Nov. 2, 1918.

At Washington, D. C., assigned to Morale Division, General Staff, July 22, 1919,

Returned to Grade of Captain, Mar. 15, 1920.

Major of Cavalry, July 1, 1920.

Feb. 5, 1921; at Manila, P. I., G‑1, Philippine Department, Mar. 5, 1921 to May 5, 1923; at Fort Leavenworth, Kans., student officer, Command and General Staff School, Aug., 1923, to June 10, 1924, when he was graduated; sailed for France July 12, 1924; at Paris, France, at Ecole Superiore de Guerre, to Aug., 1926; at Rome, Italy, Military Attaché, American Embassy, Aug., 1926 to

Lieutenant-Colonel of Cavalry, Mar. 20, 1928.

July, 1928; returned to United States July 10, 1928; at Fort Riley, Kans., with 13th Cavalry, Aug. 1, 1928, to Aug. 28, 1928; at West Point, N. Y., United States Military Academy, Commanding Officer, Provisional Battalion and Executive Officer, Headquarters, United States Military Academy, Aug. 28, 1928, to Mar. 22, 1929; Commandant of Cadets, United States Military Academy, Mar. 22, 1929, to ––––

Awarded Silver Star and cited "for gallantry in action against hostile Moros at Laksamana Usap's Cotta, Island of Jolo, Philippine Islands, Jan. 7, 1905."

 p622  Service Medals: Philippine Campaign; Officer of the Legion of Honor, French; Officer of the Order of Leopold, Belgium; Officer of the Order of St. Maurizio and St. Lazarus, Italy; Allied Victory Medal, threeº stars, Croix de guerre with palm; Officer of La Solidaridad, Panama.

Author of "West Point — An Intimate Picture of the National Military Academy," G. P. Putnam & Sons, 1917.

[Supplement, Vol. VIII: 1930‑1940]

Military History: —

(Lt.‑Col. Cav., Mar. 20, 1928)

At West Point, N. Y., U. S. M. A., Commandant of Cadets, Mar. 22, 1929 to June 13, 1933; comdg. U. S. M. A. Cav. Det., to Aug. 13, 1933; at Washington, D. C., student off., A. W. C., Aug. 25, 1933 to June 26, 1934; on leave to Aug. 15, 1934; detailed W. D. G. S., G‑2 Sec., to

(Col. Cav., July 1, 1935)

Oct. 25, 1935; at Ft. Riley, Kans., Refresher Course, to Dec. 1, 1935; at Ft. Clark, Tex., comdg. 5th Cav., Dec. 20, 1935 to

(Brig.‑Gen., June 1, 1938)

June 8, 1938; at Ft. Bliss, Tex., comdg. 2d Cav. Brig. Sept. 5, 1938 to Feb. 1, 1939; at Ft. Riley, Kans., Comdt., Cav. School, to ––––

Vol. IX
[Supplement, Vol. IX: 1940‑1950]

Military History: —

(Brig Gen 1 Jun 38)

Ft Riley Kan, Comdt Cav Sch, 11 Feb 39-

(Maj Gen AUS 1 Oct 40)

20 Oct 40; El Paso Tex, CG 1 Cav Div, 1 Nov 40-Apr 41; Washington DC, Dir (organized) Bureau Public Relations O Secy of War, (DS fr 1 Cav) Jan‑Apr 41, (permanent) Apr‑25 Jul 41; Birmingham Ala, CG 7 Corps, - 31 Dec 41; La‑Tex Maneuvers 41; DS Pittsburgh Pa, Nov 41 (preparing to seize captive mines); trfd to Calif 14 Dec 41 w/ 7 Corps, for Def Calif (Hq San Jose Calif); detached on msn to Australia, 25 May-25 Jul 42; Blythe Calif, Desert Maneuvers, Aug‑Oct 42; (7 Corps trfd to Jacksonville Fla, Nov 42); Tenn Maneuvers, Apr-


May 43; TH, Mil Governor of Territory and CG Hawaiian Dept, 1 Jun 43 —

(Lt Gen AUS 1 Jun 43)

— (aptd CG Army and AF Cen Pac, Jul 43) — (Ellice Is, Gilbert Is Nov 43; Marshall Is (Kwajalein) Feb 44; Marianas (Saipan) Jun‑Jul 44) — (aptd CG POA, Jun 44) —

(Maj Gen 1 Oct 44)

— (Okinawa 1 Apr 45) — (name comd changed to Mid Pac Jun 45) — (present on board USS "Missouri" at the surrender of the Japanese by Premier Shigemisu, 2 Sep 45, in the harbor of Tokyo Japan)


‑16 Mar 46;

(Lt Gen Ret dsbl 31 Oct 46)

Distinguished Service Medals, WW1 and WW2 (Daughters of the Confederacy, NY Division)

Civil History: — Pres Pacific War Memorial NYC, 48‑49; Honorary citizen of Junction City Kan; Honorary Member Rotary Clubs of El Paso Tex and San Jose Calif; Member American War Correspondents Assn of NY; Received Joint Resolution of the Hawaiian Congress (House and Senate) — commendation for the administration of Martial Law of the Territory — and Resolution of appreciation from American Legion of Honolulu; author of several military articles. The Upper Village, Bath NH

Died, Mar. 2, 1954, at Rome, Italy: Aged 71.

Buried, West Point Cemetery, West Point, NY.

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