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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1826

Vol. I

(Born N. C.)

Francis L. Dancy

(Ap'd N. C.)


Francis Littleberry Dancy: Born Feb. 5, 1806.​a

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1821, to July 1, 1826, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Bvt. Second Lieut., 2d Artillery, July 1, 1826.

Second Lieut., 2d Artillery, July 1, 1826.

Served: in garrison at Ft. Monroe, Va. (Artillery School for Practice), 1826‑28; on Engineer duty, Oct. 28, 1828, to Aug. 6, 1829; on Topographical duty, Aug. 6, 1829, to Mar. 31, 1831; on Ordnance duty, Mar. 31 to July 11, 1831; on Topographical duty, July 11, 1831, to Dec. 6, 1832;

(First Lieut., 2d Artillery, Nov. 3, 1832)

in garrison at Ft. Moultrie, S. C., 1833, — Ft. Marion, Fla., 1833‑34, — Ft. King, Fla., 1834‑35, — and Ft. Marion, Fla., 1835, — in repairing Military Road in Florida, 1835; in the Florida War against the Seminole Indians, 1835‑36, as Quartermaster and Commissary, and was engaged in the Combat of Oloklikaha, Mar. 31, 1836; and on Engineer duty, July 14 to Sep. 11, 1836.

Resigned, Sep. 11, 1836.

Civil History. — Civil Engineer in the service of the United States, superintending repairs at Ft. Marion, and building Sea-wall at St. Augustine, Fla., 1836‑38.​b Mayor of St. Augustine, Fla., 1838 and 1839.

Military History. — Served in the Florida War against the Seminole Indians as

Lieut.‑Colonel, Reg. Florida Volunteers, June 9, 1840.

Colonel, Reg. Florida Volunteers, Nov. 24, 1840.

till his regiment was

Disbanded, Mar. 29, 1841.

Civil History. — Member of the House of Representatives of the State of Florida, 1841. Planter, Buena Vista, St. John's County, Fla., 1842‑61 and since 1866. State Engineer and Geologist of Florida, Jan. 10, 1853, to Jan. 1, 1857. Surveyor-General of the United States, for the State of Florida, 1858‑61.

Joined in the Rebellion of 1861‑66 against the United States.​c

[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]

Vol. IV
Died at Buena Vista, Fla., Oct. 27, 1890: Aged 84.

Buried, Dancy Family Graveyard, Orange Mills, FL.

Thayer's Notes:

a Col. Dancy's full name is from Heitman's Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army; his birthdate is from his tombstone (q.v.).

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b This PDF at West Point AOG has photographs of the surviving portions of that sea-wall, and additional interesting information.

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c There appears to be nothing online about Col. Dancy's Confederate career; if you have information, please contact me, of course.

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