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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1827

Vol. I

(Born N. Y.)

Alexander J. Center

(Ap'd N. Y.)


Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1823, to July 1, 1827, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Bvt. Second Lieut. of Infantry, July 1, 1827.

Second Lieut., 5th Infantry, July 1, 1827.

Served: on frontier duty at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1828, — Ft. Mackinac, Mich., 1828‑29, — Ft. Howard, Wis., 1829‑31, — and Ft. Winnebago, p397  Wis., 1831‑32; in the "Black Hawk" War, 1832; and on Topographical

(First Lieut., 5th Infantry, Dec. 31, 1834)

duty, May 18, 1832, to Oct. 15, 1836.

Resigned, Dec. 31, 1836.

Civil History. — Civil Engineer, employed on railroads in Michigan, and on the Erie Canal enlargement, N. Y., 1836‑44. Woolen Manufacturer, Litchfield County, Ct., 1844‑51. Vice-President of Panama Railroad, Central America, 1852‑54, — and Superintendent, 1854‑61. Superintendent of the "Overland Route," under a contract with the Post Office Department for the transportation of the U. S. Mails, etc., between the Missouri River and California, 1861‑64. President of the "Consolidation Coal Company of Maryland,"​a — and of the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad, 1864‑66. Express and Banking House of Wells, Fargo & Co., New York city, 1866‑70. Superintendent of Panama Railroad, Central America, 1870‑74.

Died, Nov. 2, 1879, at Tarrytown, N. Y.: Aged 71.

Thayer's Note:

a He seems to have been the company's first President: it was founded in 1864 (and still exists, if closely held by a German firm). It became, and still is, the largest producer of bituminous coal in the United States, and was responsible for the building — and ruthless operation — of entire towns in the Appalachians; for one of them, see "They Built a Town", in History of Jenkins, Kentucky, and my note there.

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