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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1917

Vol. VI

(Born Va.)

William O. Butler

(Ap'd Ohio)


(William Ormond Butler, Born Sept. 23, 1895, Monterey Farm, VA.)​a

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, June 14, 1913, to April 20, 1917, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Second Lieut., 6th Field Artillery.

First Lieut., 6th Field Artillery, May 15, 1917.

Served: At Douglas, Arizona, with regiment, June 12 to July 22, 1917; en route to France July 28 to

(Captain, Temporary, of Field Artillery, Aug. 5, 1917)

Aug. 10; at St. Nazaire to Aug. 15; at Valdahon, training as Aerial Observer, Sept. 1 to Oct. 15; arrived at Front in Lorraine, near Einville, Oct. 20; Aerial Observer with 73rd Balloon Company, Nov. 1 to 20; at Gondrecourt Training Center, to Dec. 22; at Front, west of Toul, Aerial Observer with 91st French Balloon Company, to March 1, 1918; assigned to command of first American Balloon Company, to June 1; en route to U. S. to June 20; at Lee Hall, Va., Officer in Charge of Instruction, U. S. Army Balloon School, July 25, 1918, to

(Major, Air Service, U. S. A., Aug. 17, 1918)

(Captain of Field Artillery, Aug. 25, 1919)

Cited by General Pasaga, commanding 32nd French Army Corps, and awarded Croix de Guerre.

Vol. VII
[Supplement, Vol. VII: 1920‑1930]

Military History: —

Captain, Temporary, of Field Artillery, Aug. 5, 1917.

At Lee Hall, Va., Officer in Charge of Instruction, U. S. Army Balloon School, July 25, 1918, to

Major, Temporary, of Air Service, Aug. 17, 1918.

Captain of Field Artillery, Aug. 25, 1919.

Oct. 15, 1919; on leave of absence to Nov. 18, 1919; at Camp Pike, Ark., commanding a battalion of the 10th Field Artillery, Nov. 18, 1919, to Jan. 4, 1920; at Fort Sill, Okla., student officer, Field Artillery School, Battery Commanders' Course, Jan. 5, 1920, to

(Returned to Grade of Captain, Feb. 13, 1920.)

(Transferred to Air Service, July 1, 1920.)

Dec. 7, 1920, when he was graduated and departed on leave of absence; at Langley Field, Va., student officer, Airship School and Flying Instructor, Dec. 28, 1920, to June 30, 1921, when he was graduated; Instructor, to June 30, 1922; commanding the 19th Airship Company, to Aug. 31, 1925; at Brooks Field, Tex., student officer, Air Service, Primary Flying School, Sept. 12, 1925, to Jan. 4, 1926; at Kelly Field, Tex., student officer, Air Service Advanced Flying School, Special Observation Course, Jan. 4, 1926, to Mar. 18, 1926, when he was graduated; at Scott Field, Ill., commanding the 12th Airship Company, May 28, 1926, to Apr. 6, 1929; on leave of absence to Apr. 30, 1929; en route to the Philippine Islands, May 25, to June 15, 1929; at Camp Nichols, P. I., with the 4th Composite Group, Air Corps, Post Exchange Officer, June 15, 1929, to Feb. 15, 1930; commanding the 66th Service Squadron, to ––––

Rated Airship Pilot; Balloon Observer, Air Observer.

[Supplement, Vol. VIII: 1930‑1940]

Military History: —

(Capt., F. A., Aug. 25, 1919)

(Trfd. to A. S., July 1, 1920)

At Camp Nichols, P. I., comdg. 66th Service Sq., to July 1, 1930; Executive Off., Camp Nichols and 4th Composite Group to June 18, 1931; en route to U. S. to Aug. 20, 1931; at Maxwell Field, Ala., student off., A. C. Tactical School, to June 12, 1932;

(Maj. A. C., Aug. 1, 1932)

at Langley Field, Va., Post Hq., to Aug. 20, 1933; at Ft. Leavenworth, Kans., student off., C. & G. S. School, Aug. 25, 1933 to June 22, 1935; at Randolph and Kelly Fields, San Antonio, Tex., student off., A. C. Flying School, to

(Lt.‑Col., temp., A. C., Aug. 26, 1936)

Oct. 7, 1936; (rated Airplane Pilot); at Kelly Field, Tex., Post Hq., to Dec. 2, 1936; en route to station to Dec. 31, 1936; at France Field, C. S., C. O., to June 6, 1939; en route to U. S. to June 19, 1939; at Hamilton Field, Calif., Executive Off., 5th Air Base to ––––

Vol. IX
[Supplement, Vol. IX: 1940‑1950]

Military History: —

(Lt Col temp AC 26 Aug 36)

Hamilton Fld Calif, ExO, 5 AB, -Mar 40; March Fld Calif, ExO 1 Wg C/S 4 AF, —

(Lt Col AC 1 Jun 40)

(Col temp 16 Oct 40)

(Col AUS 11 Dec 41)

(Brig Gen AUS 14 Mar 42)

-Mar 42; Ft Richardson Alaska, CG of AAF,

(Maj Gen AUS 25 Oct 42)

-1 Sep 43;​b ETO, Dpty Comdr Allied Expeditionary AF, Oct 43-


Apr 44; Maxwell Fld Ala, CG AAF Eastern Flt Tng Comd, -Sep 44; CDC, CG 6 AF, -Jul 45; Washington, DC, Miami Fla, Hq AAF,

(Col AC 28 Dec 45)

-31 Jan 46.

(Maj Gen Ret dsbl 31 Jan 46)

Croix de Guerre (France)

Civil History: — Rt 3 Prattville Ala

Died Oct. 29, 1962, Alamo, Calif.: Aged 67.​c

Portrait and obituary at West Point Association of Graduates.º

Buried, Marshall Cemetery, Marshall, VA.

Thayer's Notes:

a Gen. Butler's birthplace is from the memorial article and biographical sketch at West Point Association of Graduates.

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b The substance of his assignment corresponding to this dry summary can be found in The Navy's Air War, p172.

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c The date and place of Gen. Butler's death are from the WPAOG memorial article.

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