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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1830

Vol. I

(Born R. I.)

Lloyd J. Beall​1

(Ap'd Md.)


Lloyd James Beall: Born Oct. 19, 1808, Newport, RI.

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1826, to July 1, 1830, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Bvt. Second Lieut., 1st Infantry, July 1, 1830.

Second Lieut., 1st Infantry, July 1, 1830.

Served: on frontier duty, at Ft. Winnebago, Wis., 1831, — and Ft. Armstrong, Ill., 1831‑32; in the "Black Hawk" War against the Sac Indians, 1832; on frontier duty at Ft. Crawford, Wis., 1832‑33; as Adjutant, 1st Infantry, at Regimental headquarters, Mar. 1, 1833, to

(First Lieut., 2d Dragoons, June 11, 1836)

 p460  June 11, 1836; at Headquarters of 2d Dragoons on Regimental Staff duty, 1836‑37; in garrison at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1837; in the

(Captain, 2d Dragoons, Oct. 19, 1836, to Sep. 13, 1844)

Florida War against the Seminole Indians, 1837‑38, being engaged in the Action of Locha-Hatchee, Jan. 24, 1838, — and Skirmish of Kenapapa Prairie, June 17, 1838; in the Cherokee Nation, 1838‑39, while transferring the Indians to the West; on Recruiting service, 1839‑40; at the Cavalry School of Saumur, France, 1840‑42, to learn the French system of Dragoon exercise; at Carlisle Barracks, Pa. (Cavalry School for Practice), 1842; on frontier duty at Ft. Jesup, La., 1842‑43; on detached service, at Washington, D. C., 1843‑44; as Member of the Board of Visitors to the Military Academy, 1843; and on frontier duty at Ft. Jesup, La., 1844; and in Pay Department, 1844‑61, — in Military Occupation

(Major, Staff — Paymaster, U. S. Army, Sep. 13, 1844)

of Texas, 1845‑46, — in the War with Mexico, 1846‑47, — Cincinnati, O., 1847‑48, — New Orleans, La., 1848, — Washington, D. C., 1848‑49, — Albany, N. Y., 1849‑54, — San Antonio, Tex., 1854‑59, — and St. Louis, Mo., 1859‑61.

Resigned, Apr. 22, 1861.

Joined in the Rebellion of 1861‑66 against the United States.​a

Civil History. — Merchant, Richmond, Va., 1866‑81. Alderman of the City of Richmond, Va., 18–––. Superintendent of Westmoreland Club, Richmond, Va., 1881‑87.

Died, Nov. 10, 1887, at Richmond, Va.: Aged 80.

Buried, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA.

The Author's Note:

1 Was the son of Captain Lloyd Beall, of the Revolutionary Army, who was wounded at the Battle of Germantown.

Thayer's Note:

a As with other Confederate officers, Cullum's Register omits his war record: he was the Commandant of the Confederate Marine Corps thruout the war; since he had no marine experience, his appointment is regarded as due to his acquaintance with President Indicates a West Point graduate and gives his Class.Jefferson Davis, first at West Point when they were Cadets, then during the Mexican War.

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