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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1933


(Born Calif.)

Franklin Guest Smith

(Ap'd Calif.)


(Born Sept. 8, 1908, Redlands, CA.)​a

Military History. — Cadet U. S. M. A., July 1, 1929 to June 13, 1933, appointed

(2d Lt. F. A.)

(Detailed to A. C., Sept. 13, 1933)

At Randolph Field, Tex., student off., A. C. student off., A. C. Primary Flying School, Sept. 13, 1933 to (Relieved A. D. detail, Dec. 22, 1933) Dec. 23, 1933; on leave and en route to station to Jan. 7, 1934; at Ft. Sam Houston, Tex., 12th F. A., Btry Reconnaissance and Mess Off., to (D. S. student off., School for Bakers and Cooks, Oct. 1 to Oct. 31, 1934) June 6, 1936; on leave and en route to station to

(1st Lt. F. A., June 13, 1936)

July 2, 1936; at Schofield Bks., T. H., 8th F. A., Btry Motor and Mess Off., to July 18, 1938; en route to U. S. and on leave to Sept. 9, 1939; at Ft. Sill, Okla., student off., F. A. School, Sept. 13, 1938 to June 10, 1939; Btry Executive and Regtl. Intelligence Off., 1st F. A., to ––––

(Capt., temp., F. A., Sept. 9, 1940).

Vol. IX
[Supplement, Vol. IX: 1940‑1950]

Military History: — Ft Sill Okla, Btry Exec and Regtl Intel Off 1 FA, 11 Jun 39–1 Apr. 40; CO Hq Btry 53 FA Bn, 2 Apr‑

(Capt AUS 9 Sep 40)

1 Oct 40; Btry Comdr 349 FA, 2 Oct 40‑(Ft Leavenworth Kan, Stu C and GSS, Jan‑Apr 41) 1 Jun 41; San Antonio Tex, Asst G‑4 Hq Third Army, 2 Jun 41‑

(Maj AUS 1 Feb 42)

1 Nov 42; Ft Clark Tex, G‑4 G‑1 2 Cav Div, 2 Nov 42‑

(Lt Col AUS 1 Mar 43)

(Capt FA 13 Jun 43)

15 Nov 43; Australia, New Guinea, PI, Japan, ExO to AC/S G‑1 Hq AFWesPac Asst G‑1 ASCOM — C and Asst G‑1 Hq Eighth Army, Dec 43

(Col AUS 17 Oct 44)


‑Sep 46; Washington DC, C Separation Br and ExO Plan O Dpty AC/S G‑1 Hq DA, Oct 46 ––––

(Col AUS terminated 30 Jun 47)

(Norfolk Va, AFSC, 47)

(Maj FA 15 Jul 48)

Medal for Merit (Philippines)

Died, Mar. 23, 2001, at Colorado Springs, Colo.: Aged 82.​b

Buried, Fairview Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO.

Thayer's Notes:

a Gen. Smith's birthplace is from the memorial article and biographical sketch at West Point Association of Graduates.

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b Gen. Smith died after the publication of Vol. IX (1950), the most recent volume of the Supplements to Cullum's Register available to me, which may also be the most recent volume in the public domain. For the remainder of his career, see the memorial article and biographical sketch at West Point Association of Graduates, which also expands on the very condensed summary we read here in the Register.

The WPAOG memorial page gives the date of Gen. Smith's death as Mar. 23, 2000; but the photograph of his gravesite at Find-a‑Grave gives Mar. 23, 2001: the marker appears to be temporary, but in view of the many scanning errors found in the WPAOG memorials (although no others in this one that I could find), the 2001 date — also given in a PDF document titled "Army War College Foundation and Alumni News, Fall 2013", once found online — seems better to me.

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