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Register of Officers and Graduates
of the United States Military Academy
Class of 1806

For a few words about Cullum's Register and the organization of the entries on this site, see the orientation page to the Register. The links below, to the individual entries, open in another window.

William Gates: Nearly sixty years in the Army, with service in the War of 1812, the Seminole Wars, and the War between the States when he was well into his seventies.

Julius F. Heileman: Thirty years in the Artillery; he died a few days after a skirmish in the Second Seminole War in which he was breveted for gallantry.

Pascal Vincent Bouis: Resigned after 2 years and died soon after.

Auguste Chouteau: Resigned within 7 months; became an Indian trader.

Alden Partridge: Mathematics professor at West Point, and at times, controversially, commanded the Academy and the post.

Charles Gratiot: Chief Engineer of the Army; fought with auditors and lost, dismissed from the Army by President Van Buren, probably wrongly.

Eleazer D. Wood: By all accounts, an outstandingly brave man and competent soldier, killed in the War of 1812.

William Partridge: Six years after graduating, died a British prisoner after the surrender of Detroit. When his commanding general had announced his determination to surrender, Partridge broke his sword across his knee and threw the pieces at that officer's feet.

Prentiss Willard: Engineer; died seven years after graduating.

Joseph Proveaux: Artilleryman; died seven years after graduating.

Thomas Bennett: Artillery for twelve years; died in the Army, aged 30.

Ethan A. Allen: Son of the Revolutionary War hero; 15 years in the Artillery, then an apparently peaceful civilian life in Norfolk, VA.

Robert Lucas: Died in the War of 1812.

John D. Wyndham: Five years in the Army: dismissed for drunkenness, and died the next year.

Louis Loramier: resigned after 3 years; went back to his farm in Missouri.

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