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Register of Officers and Graduates
of the United States Military Academy
Class of 1807

For a few words about Cullum's Register and the organization of the entries on this site, see the orientation page to the Register. The links below, to the individual entries, open in another window.

Justus Post: After an ill-defined eight-year military career; he spent most of his life as a Missouri farmer, judge, and politician.

Saterlee Clark: Paymaster; after 17 years in the Army, was dismissed for failing to render proper accounts of disbursements.

John Anderson: Prisoner of war in the War of 1812, then twenty years as a military surveyor.

Samuel Champlin: Eight years in Army, mostly in Charleston, SC. Participated in McGregor's raid on Amelia Island, Florida, then settled down to a long civilian career as customs inspector, in Charleston again.

Samuel Noah: Born in England, he became a Cadet at nearly 26; he served in the U. S. Amry only three years, but then enlisted in the Gutierrez-Magee expedition from Mexico seeking to wrest Texas from Spanish control, and as a volunteer defender of New York in the War of 1812. His later life was quieter, as a teacher.

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