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George W. Cullum's
Register of Officers and Graduates
of the United States Military Academy

— I —

This is a small alphabetical section of a complete index to the biographical entries of Cullum's Register online on this site:


(graduation year)

Cullum No.

where the last, in the rightmost column, links to the entry. My index, however, does not include all the graduates in the Register: just those with entries onsite; currently over 3000, and entries continue to be added frequently.

You will find information about the Register and the layout of this site, as well as links to the yearly Class rosters, on the orientation page.

Ingalls, Rufus 1843 1198
Ingalls, Thomas R. 1822 289
Inge, Zebulon M. P. 1838 985
Ingraham, Charles H. 1858 1806
Irons, James A. 1879 2808
Irons, Joseph F. 1841 1070
Irvin, William 1839 1005
Irvine, Armstrong 1811 59
Irwin, Douglass S. 1840 1056
Irwin, Francis G. 1882 2958
Irwin, James R. 1825 408
Isham, Pierrepont 1887 3216
Ives, Brayton C. 1856 1757
Ives, Edward B. 1878 2731
Ives, Joseph C. 1852 1540
Ives, Rollin B. 1870 2323
Izard, J. Allen Smith 1829 544
Izard, James F. 1828 524

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